Op-Ed: On Feel Good Humor, Comedic Responsibility, and ‘The Interview’

Written by Jonathan Lee-Rey on January 5th, 2015

James Franco and Seth Rogen in The Interview (Yahoo! Images)

Before I begin, let the record state that I’ve enjoyed the Rogen-Franco pairing since its inception on Freaks and Geeks and my thoughts on this movie do not change the fact that I think they’re funny people who know how to make comedy.

Also, this review has spoilers. But it’s a comedy film. You’re only lying to yourself if you say you’re watching it “for the plot.” Click to continue »


Read ‘I’m a Joke’ by Adam Fisher-Cox ’15

Written by Major Qwik on January 2nd, 2015
Illustration by Adam Fisher-Cox. Adorable.

Illustration by Adam Fisher-Cox. Adorable.

Visual designer (and ComFest co-producer) Adam Fisher-Cox ’15 has published a picture book he wrote and designed entitled “I’m a Joke” to his website. It’s a picture book about, you guessed it, jokes. A fucking picture book.

Describing the project, Fisher-Cox writes the following: “Completed  as an exercise in digital illustration, ‘I’m a Joke’ takes you on a tour of the world where anthropomorphic jokes live their daily lives, introducing a cast of jokes with an illustration and personal statement from both.” That about sums it up, and it’s just as good–if not better–than it sounds.

I know zero shit about graphic design and digital illustration (are those even the same? I rest my case), but I think this thing is super cool and different from the usual shit you see pedaled on your Facebook feed. Those of you who have listened to countless mixtapes from that one dude from your high school who swears he’ll quit his job at the local pizza place once his rap career takes off definitely know what I’m talking about. It’s filled with subtle, well-written humor, and the illustrations are top-notch (not to mention oh-so-dang cute!).

The book can be viewed here. Feel free to poke around Fisher-Cox’s website and see some of the other work he’s done. Some pretty cool shit on there.


The Skidmore Unofficial “Staff” Presents: Our New Year’s Resolutions

Written by Executive Editor on December 31st, 2014

Fuck parties, I know what I’m watching tonight.

And so we come to the end of yet another year, guys. Congratulations! You survived! Perhaps unscathed, perhaps not. But you survived. And not everyone can say the same. Is that tasteless? I don’t know. Death comes to us all in one way or another, so you should be used to it by now. Happy Holidays.

Maybe right now you’re wishing more than anything that you were back at Skidmore, preparing to ring in 2015 with a night off shitty-ness at the only place that’s ever felt like home. Maybe it feels strange getting drunk with a group of people who feel like strangers at this point in spite of how close you were to them only five years ago. But take comfort in knowing that you’re where you are today for a reason. Besides, if you were back st Skid right now, you’d know you’d just be one of many humanoids cramped in the Stable staircase, probably making out with your ex the second the clock struck twelve. And regardless of how much regret will instill itself into your 2015 existence, you don’t want to start things off that way. Trust your favorite step-uncle.

Anyway, we here at Skidmore Unofficial wanted to give you a taste of what to expect from us in 2015. Not so much goals for the site–ha, you think we have a plan here?–but more personal goals for ourselves, standards that we’ll hold ourselves to as we look toward a future of limitless possibility. It’s nearly 2015, after all. And if you’re anything like me, you were casually dropping homophobic slurs and listening to Three Days Grace only 8 years ago (not sure which one is worse, tbh), so progress is possible, friends.

So, without further ado, we present our New Year’s resolutions for 2015. Click to continue »


Just a little something for the holidays…

Written by Executive Editor on December 24th, 2014

We love you. No matter what we say.


Student Minimum Wage Raised for Upcoming Year

Written by Executive Editor on December 21st, 2014

About how much I made in my year working in dhall.

The entire Skidmore student body received an email from SGA President Addison Bennett ’16 on Friday, December 19th containing an announcement from President Glotzbach that the bottom pay scale for student workers will increase in the new year to reflect the New York State minimum wage:

At its meeting today, December 19, the Institutional Policy and Planning Committee (IPPC) unanimously supported increasing student workers’ pay to current New York State (NYS) minimum wage standards effective for work performed after January 1, 2015.  Although the College is exempt from NYS minimum wage guidelines with respect to student workers, we are pleased to inform the community of this change.   We thank the Student Government Association (SGA), members of the community, the IPPC, and President’s Cabinet for their support.

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Wafflefest TONIGHT at 8:00!

Written by Major Qwik on December 14th, 2014

Nothing you eat at Wafflefest will look like this.

Do you want to enjoy a meal without having to lie your way swipe in to dhall? Then swing by your only favorite dining hall between 8:00 and 11:00 tonight for Wafflefest, co-sponsored by yo’ waffle daddies on SGA’s Committee on Student Life and Dining Services!

If you’re (still) new here, Wafflefest is a beloved tradition here at Skidmore. You know, like Fun Day. Or complaining about not getting into Wesleyan (did I make that joke already??), but with more waffles. Lots more waffles. And dessert pizza. And doughnuts. And salad–if you, like me, are trying to keep an eye your carb intake.

It’s totally free to all students. But the line is always hella long, so you should definitely show up before 8:00 or have one of your pals keep you posted on what the line looks like. And it will be insanely packed, so have one of said pals grab you a seat. And it’ll be noisy. Real noisy. Utter chaos. Los Elk will probably be playing.

To be honest, it’s a super stressful experience (ever seen Full Metal Jacket?) but you really can’t say no to free food, and it’s kind of a rite of passage. Plus this is like the last “thing” going on this semester, so ring in the end of the semester (or beginning of finals, if you’re a masochist) with some comfort food. You’re gonna need it.

Just kidding.

(Editor’s Note: No he’s not.)


Headliners Announced for 2015 National College Comedy Festival

Written by Major Qwik on December 13th, 2014
You want it, you got it.

No Dane Cook, but I’ll probably go anyway.

The hype is over, or maybe it’s just beginning. The professional headliners for this year’s National College Comedy Festival have been announced, and boy is it gonna be a steamy one.

In case you didn’t know (I didn’t), comedy has this whole “scene” to it, like music and film and shit. There’s a layered culture surrounding it: you have your popular mainstream stuff, you have your well-but-not-super-well-known comedians, and then you have your up-and-coming comedians. And they have, like, schools you can go to and all that. And ComFest usually does a really solid job of bringing a variety of comedians at different levels of success and popularity–in addition to some great college groups.

So if you’re into comedy (or want/claim to be into it), read on and learn more about this year’s lineup (which should make for one fuck of a show) so you can have one more thing to be pretentious about. Click to continue »


2015 ComFest Headliners To Be Announced This Friday (11/12)

Written by Major Qwik on December 10th, 2014
Ready yourself.

Ready yourself.

That’s right. It’s almost here, lovers of funny. No, not ComFest itself. That’ll be early next semester, which at this point–what with your seemingly insurmountable pile of work that you probably have yet to put a dent in–probably seems like a couple lifetimes away. I’m talking about the announcement for the ComFest headliners!

For those of you who don’t know, the National College Comedy Festival is a huge comedy festival founded and hosted by Skidmore that brings together some of the best college comedy groups from across the country, as well as both established and up-and-coming professional acts. Past ComFest headliners have included the Upright Citizens Brigade, BriTANicKTJ & Dave, Kate Berlant, Rory Scovel, the Improvised Shakespeare Company, Derrick Comedy, and loads of others. Those names might not really mean anything to you, but they’re huge names in the realm of comedy.

The headliners for this year’s ComFest (Feb. 13-14) will be announced via the festival’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. (Wow! So many social media options! Free market! Laissez-faire! USA! We really oughta torturing people for information!) So follow those sites and keep your ears/eyes posted for the announcement and information on the professional acts (they better have some women in there, because this is the 21st century, and we’re all well aware of the fact that women are, in fact, funny).

Tickets for ComFest will go on sale early next semester, so also stay tuned for info on that. A video of last year’s first college show can be viewed below, which also contains a link to the second night.


Last Days of Classes/Study Days/Finals Week Distractions

Written by Executive Editor on December 9th, 2014

This is it, folks. You’ve been promising your pals that you’d go to their shit all semester, and you’ve been successfully avoided it for the past three months. But it’s time to pay the Pied Piper of Acapella/Comedy/Performance-Club Guilt. And that fucker takes no prisoners. And you definitely don’t have any excuses this time around, because your pal knows you sure as hell weren’t doing work.

It’s also worth noting that attendance at many of these events will likely yield inclusion to an after party or two–which will maximize your opportunity to make moves on that one boy/girl before the semester ends and you go back to your hometown full-to-bursting with the regret that is exclusively tied to missed opportunities. In other words: You’re running out of time, so take a chance, motherfucker.

2:00pm – “I Can’t Breathe” Drop-in Session (2:00-7:00) @ ICC
8:00pm – SkidTV 2014 Fall Showcase @ Davis
8:00pm – Ujima Step Show @ Filene

12:00pm – WIB Pop-Up Shop @ Case
5:30pm – “Hope and Anger: The Civil Rights Movement and Beyond” @ Tang
6:30pm – Awkward Kids Finding Their Voice @ Gannett
7:00pm – The Accents go BROgue (Winter Jam) @ Davis
8:00pm – GUACAPELLA: The Skidmore Dynamics Winter Jam @ Gannett
8:30pm – “The Ad-Libs Save Camp” Improv Big Show @ JKB
9:30pm – Pulse Final Show @ Falstaff’s
10:00pm – The Bandersnatchers Present: Mourning Wood @ Filene

8:00pm – “The Houses We Build and Break” @ Falstaff’s

3:00pm – “The Houses We Build and Break” @ Falstaff’s
8:00pm – “The Houses We Build and Break” @ Falstaff’s

Missing something? Let us know in the replies!


Skidmore Featured in Chance the Rapper Tour Video

Written by Executive Editor on December 5th, 2014

Chance the Rapper has released a tour compilation video of his recent Verge Campus Tour entitled “SoXDay,” which features a guest appearance from a very (somewhat?) familiar sports field.

Check out the very beginning of the video below to see Chance arriving at Skidmore, watching a soccer game, and getting a hearty greeting from the Pulse van.