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Beatlemore is coming. BEATLEMORE IS COMING.

Sunday, September 21st, 2014
Beatlemore's 2013 poster. So artsy.

Beatlemore’s 2013 poster. So artsy.

That’s right, guys, the event of the year we have all been waiting for: Beatlemore Skidmania! For those of you who don’t know, this event showcases student covers of classic Beatles songs. The acts range from solos to college bands to a cappella groups. You’ll get a mix of every genre in this concert, so everyone is guaranteed a good time. Both students and faculty can be in this concert. This year, the theme is The Beatles Arrive in America, 1964. 50 years ago they came! That’s really old! Crazy times.

The concert itself is organized by the Chair of the Music Department, the infamous walrus Gordon Thompson. He and a group of students (the Beatlemore Student Commitee as some may call it) organize the event and select which groups will be performing in the show. The proceeds of the show are going to be donated to Skidmore Cares, and student financial aid. That’s right, you paying money for tickets will also help you get money to keep going to this college. Science?

If you want to audition to take part in this concert event of the year, video submissions will start to be accepted October 1st, and you can submit up until October 9th. Method of submission TBD, but when we know, you will know. A list of the songs you can cover can be found here.

Apparently, tickets have been on sale since September 3rd.  They’re only $5, so I say get on them! Some of the wildest performances I’ve seen have been at Beatlemore, so I say get on them! If you’re an alum in Boston or New York, there are going to be live streams of the show (again, when we know where, you will know where), with other cities in consideration. There also will be a live stream online, so if you wanna watch it by your lonesome self with some wine, have at it.

Performances this year are Friday, November 21st @ 8pm, Saturday, November 22nd @ 2pm and 8pm
Filene-Ladd Concert Hall, Zankel Music Center

Clear Your Schedule, It’s Senior Recital Season

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014
What if you friend was on this stage playing beautiful music?

What if your friend was on this stage playing beautiful music?

Each year members of the senior class close out their Skidmore careers with a variety of projects that reflect the culmination of their undergraduate education.  We’ve decided to give a shout out to the music students completing senior recitals in the majestic Arthur Zankel Music Center’s Helen Filene Ladd Concert Hall.  Be sure to check them out and show support for Skidmore music.

Hannah Emery (clarinet – she’s a Filene scholar and one half of the first ever Filene power couple), Fri. Mar. 21, 8pm [fbook]
Emma Goldberg Liu (voice -speaking of power couples… ), Sat. Mar. 22, 8pm [fbook]
William Kencel (jazz – featuring great student composers and players), Sun. Mar. 23, 2pm [fbook]
Jonathan Benbeniste (composition – I’m assuming there’s an electronic element), Thur., Mar. 27, 8pm [fbook]
Eva Hagan (clarinet – see Eva shred and Gordon Thompson playing tabla, which apparently he does), Fri., Apr., 4, 8pm [fbook]
David Slitzky, Andrew Koehler, William Sacks (jazz – original compositions of the weirdly awesome BBNG variety), Sun., Apr. 6, 8pm
Mavis MacNeil (composition – SO MANY POWER COUPLES!!!!), Thurs., Apr. 10, 8pm
Emily Abeshouse (piano – repping the strong tradition of Pola Baytelman bred Filene scholars), Sun. Apr. 13, 6pm
Thomas Corcoran (voice – tenor pipes? mmm yes please), Sat., Apr. 19, 11am
Mathew Gaydar (composition – our sources tell us his work has something to do with the human body), Sat., Apr. 19, 2pm
Laura Pendelton (voice – more Filene firepower) Sat., Apr. 19, 5pm
Katherine Murphy (flute – FILEEEEENEEEEEE) Sat., Apr. 19, 8pm
Paul Gladstone (jazz – we’ll probably get a great dose of West African music, too!), Wed., Apr. 23, 8pm
Leland Martin (fiddle – old timey goodness), Sun., Apr. 27, 7pm

Are you or someone you know completing a fun project to close out the school year?  We’d love to know more about it.  Drop us a line!

Rubblebucket Tickets On Sale

Monday, March 17th, 2014

If you haven’t heard already, Rubblebucket is making their Skidmore return April 18 at the Zankel Music Center.  If you have heard, then you’ve likely been scrambling trying to find tickets before they sell out.  Fear not!  We’ve got the hookup.  Click on the link below to buy your tickets online, or take a nice walk over to Zankel and buy them in person.

Buy your Rubblebucket tickets here!

Zankel Box Office Hours:
Mon. thru Fri. 1:00pm – 5:00pm
One hour before scheduled shows

We’ve also heard whispers that a student employee of Zankel can sell you tickets from his/her iPhone.  More news on that soon.

Ensemble ACJW Returns to Skidmore for Spring Residency

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014


Ensemble ACJW, a part of The Academy — a program involving Carnegie Hall, the Juilliard School, and the Weill Music Institute in partnership with the New York City Department of Education, returns to Skidmore for a musical and cultural residency. Most music students recognize the young and talented performers as those random people who come to music theory class and sit in with the orchestra once a semester. But recently the ACJW collective has begun to spread from Zankel into the community.

The fellows will be playing, lecturing, and interacting throughout Saratoga Springs and the Skidmore campus over the next few days (check out the calendar of public events below). My personal favorite? The open poetry reading at Northshire Bookstore Thursday at 7:00 PM. It’s not very often you can pull an Amiri Baraka (RIP) and have your work read with professional accompaniment. So English majors, I highly recommend you put down the Chaucer for a second and stop by.

The whole residency concludes with Carnegie Hall Premieres: A Concert by Ensemble ACJW in Zankel Friday night. ACJW never leaves home without a composer and a piece to premiere for us Skid kids, so schedule date night around this. You won’t want to miss it. Besides being some of the most exciting and entertaining musicians in New York right now (that’s right – not just classical musicians, ALL musicians; come at me bloggosphere), they’re wonderful people and enthusiastic performers.

Here’s there full public schedule:

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12 6:00pm- FLASH MOB! @ D-Hall (that’s when I’ll be eating dinner. I love eating while people make fools of themselves)

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13 12:15pm – Library Informance @ Scribner Library (holy fuck who names these things) 5:00pm- Student Composition Readings @ Helen Filene Ladd Hall (go student composers go!) 7:00-9:00pm- Poetry Slam @ Northshire Bookstore

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14 1:00pm Ensemble ACJW Open Dress Rehearsal @ Ladd Hall (aural pregame of the concert) 7:00pm- Pre-Concert Talk @ Ladd Hall (oh is Gordon speaking??) 8:00pm- Carnegie Hall Premieres: A Concert by Ensemble ACJW (date night!!)

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Khaled Hosseini Lecture In Zankel Tomorrow (Update: Cancelled)

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
He has a big heart.

He has a big heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day week! What’s more romantic than chocolate, candy, and cards? Lectures. So, come on down to Zankel tomorrow at 7pm with that person you’ve had your eye on since freshman year but never built up the courage to ask out. Good thing you both read The Kite Runner in high school – I see a lasting relationship for the two of you.

Tomorrow night Khaled Hosseini, the author of the Kite Runner, will be lecturing. Khaled Hosseini is the bestselling Afghan born American author of The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and And the Mountains Echoed.

A fun fact about The Kite Runner: It was published in 2003, immediately becoming an international bestseller. The novel was published in 70 countries, however, never in Afghanistan.

While this event is sold out, it will be simulcast in Gannett, Davis and Emerson. Thanks to Saratoga Reads and Skidmore Speakers Bureau, this is an incredible opportunity you don’t want to miss.

(Updates: Saratoga Reads writes, “The Khaled Hosseini event at Skidmore College scheduled for Wednesday evening, Feb. 12, has been cancelled because the author’s travel plans have been disrupted by storms in the South. The event, organized by Saratoga Reads in partnership with Skidmore College and theSaratoga Springs Public Library, will be rescheduled and a new date will be announced once it has been determined. Other events related to the author’s visit are also canceled.”)


Go To Lectures: Khaled Hosseini @ Zankel

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

New semester, new resolutions. Like: eating fewer chicken fingers from the Spa on Saturday nights, forcing yourself to go to the weight room despite the stares from the more in shape athletes when you can’t lift 10 pounds (hey, it’s hard!), and committing to going out three nights a week even when your bed is 10 times warmer than outside.

By mid February, you’re already over-enrolled, over-stimulated and over-tired. Treat yourself to that extra chicken finger! Don’t go to gym, you’re wearing an oversized coat anyway! Go to sleep – socializing is overrated anyway!

One thing you should commit too, however, is lectures.

The first (big) lecture of the semester is taking place on February 12th at 7pm (a pre-valentines date, if you will) in Zankel. Khaled Hosseini, the author of the Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and And the Mountains Echoed, will visit Saratoga Springs as a special guest of Saratoga Reads, in celebration of the community reading program’s 10th year. This event, open to the public free of charge, will offer a discussion moderated by Joe Donahue, of “The Book Show” and “The Roundtable” on WAMC Northeast Public Radio, and will also include a question-and-answer session and book signing.

Since this event is co-sponsored by Speakers Bureau, only 100 tickets were reserved for Skidmore students and I hear it’s already sold out. But don’t fret – the event will be simulcast live (audio and video) to Gannett, Davis, and Emerson Auditoriums on Skidmore’s campus.

Take advantage of everything Skidmore has to offer. I know this time next year when I’m living on a friend’s coach in DC working for the Man, I’ll have many regrets, but attending lectures won’t be one of then.

If you want more information on lectures at Skidmore friend Speakers Bureau on Facebook, follow us on Twitter on @skidspeakers, and visit our website.

TEDx at Skidmore, Crossing Boundaries: Why Creative Thought Matters

Sunday, November 17th, 2013


Ted Talks! No, this is not a viewing of the movie Ted where you bring your own stuffed bear. It’s the Tedx lecture series that is going to be hosted at Skidmore!

We see Ted talks in our inbox or posted all over Facebook and the ‘3 minute’ clips are perfect procrastination,  but now Zankel Music Center will be the place to  get inspired!

Tedx is the community initiative of Ted Talks that is hosted around the globe in order to bring community leaders and small-scale innovators into the limelight.

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Beatlemore Skidmania Tickets ON SALE NOW!!!

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Single handedly ruining Srgt. Peppers iconic album cover so that I can procrastinate with Paintbrush, again.

Skidmore’s annual Beatles tribute concert for charity, Beatlemore Skidmania, is right around the corner.  For the uninitiated, Beatlemore is the brain child of music professor and “Beatles scholar” Gordon Thompson.  It’s three nights of Beatles music reinvented by Skidmore musicians who audition for slots in the show.  Here’s what they have to say:

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Weekend Distractions CVI

Thursday, September 19th, 2013


7:30pm: Ai Weiwei Never Sorry screening @ Tang
8:00pm: Stoked For Folk @ Falstaff’s (fbook)
8:00pm: Advanced Screening of Growing Cities with Panel Discussion @ Filene (fbook)
9:30pm: Trivia Night @ Spa


3:30pm: Ad-Libs Auditions @ JKB (fbook)
6:00pm: Women’s Tennis vs. Union @ Tennis Courts
6:00pm: Men’s Tennis vs. ITA Regionals @ Tennis Courts

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Weird Music Show @ Zankel

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013
Sup Hub

Sup Hub

Tomorrow, a group of experimental musicians on campus will be performing in Zankel, as part of the ELM Show. The performers include Dan Alpher in “I Tweaked,” Benßen, and Sea Level

The organizers also included this laughably pretentious description of the event:

There will be no refreshments offered, no merchandise sold. We offer little beyond our performances and our ideas, among them being the idea that the Skidmore College campus is home to the minds that engineer innovative art as well as the best venues to deliver such expressions.
Bring your eccentric friends.

Somebody needs to shove these nerds in a few lockers. In any event, it sounds like a welcome departure from the usual strummy-strummy music we only hear at this place. Check it out.

Thursday April 11, 8pm @ Elizabeth Luce Moore Hall (Zankel 117)

(via Facebook)