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Skidmore Music Scene: Don’t Call It a Comeback (Or Call It a Comeback)

Saturday, May 9th, 2015
They're back, and their banner is still better than yours.

They’re back, and their banner is still better than yours.

Some of you might remember the Skidmore Music Scene blog, a self-described “buffet of media devoted to Skidmore College student bands and what not.” The website debuted in the spring of 2012, filling a glaring void in the Skidmore community. When it started, the blog consisted of posts about the (at the time) big wigs of the music scene here at Skidmore, such as The Artifiacts (RIP), Punch Drunk Monkeys (RIP), The Downlow (major fucking RIP). And (obviously) Los Elk, which at the time was just a gaggle of wide-eyed bushy-tailed freshmen who covered The Killers and Foster the People. And let’s not forget Yo Soy Milk.

Never forget Yo Soy Milk.

Naturally, shit got busy with the site’s creators, and things started to peter out as they got preoccupied with real world shit and their own musical projects and just things that don’t involve starring at a computer screen (seriously, you should just close your browser right now and go outside, because it’s fucking beautiful out lately).

Anyway, moral of the story is that things have been pretty quiet on the blog for the past year,which has been a total bummer for those of who looking for updates on the latest music happenings on campus. However, the site’s been passed on, and it’s looking like the folks who are running it now are just as committed to providing a space for a sadly underrepresented aspect of campus culture. In a recent email exchange we had, the current head of the SMS blog said, “I’m hoping to make it a more active page that has reviews of new student music, discusses the state of the scene and what people want to see change in it, as well as just talk bands that people think should come through.”

Sounds great to me. Check out the blog and catch up on what’s been going on with old and new faces in the scene. You can also find an ever-expanding list of current and old Skidmore bands/artist here. And be sure to keep posted on the site and their Facebook page for updates on the latest and greatest in the Skidmore music scene–and if you have something you’d like to submit and get on the site, do so here.

Eskimo Sister Releases Debut Single “OK”

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Is that a cucumber?

Twee-Pop/Lo-Fi band Eskimo Sister have finally graced us with a recording, so swing on over to their Bandcamp and give a listen to “OK.” This is a hot one, as it features the line: “i cut myself shaving and it was the best thing to happen all week,” so hop on that name-your-price download right now.

Eskimo Sister formed at the beginning of this semester. It addition to their debut performance at the student band showcase back September, they saddened up the rickety Falstaff’s stage just the other week when they opened for Kitten Forever. The band features Brandon Dyer ’15 (featured bassist for Free Cake for Every Creature), Johnny Murphy ’15 (formerly of Yo Soy Milk, presently of Johnny Murphy), Giulia Morrone ’15, and Eric Lemaire ’15.

Concerning their future, the band wrote on their Facebook:

uhh I guess we’ll be sporadically recording songs whenever we feel like it and releasing them whenever they sound good. we don’t know what the album will be called yet but there’s going to be one. unless we break up, which is entirely possible. actually, never mind, we’re probably not going to release any more music.


Sounds promising to me. They also tweet, and they don’t suck at it. Like them on Facebook and keep an eye out for future material/performances/amusing status updates.

Lively Lucy’s Presents: Rapper GDP, Mugsy Boges, & Yo Soy Milk

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

“Mazel tov on the day of your bar mitzvah, Gross Domestic Product.”


In addition to movie screenings, lectures, and fancy-pants art parties, Mugsy Boges, Yo Soy Milk, and New Jersey rapper GDP will be performing at Falstaff’s.

Apparently, GDP has:

“…become renowned for his brutal honesty and clever wordplay. He has traveled much of the world and collaborated with the likes of Wu Tang Clan, Dead Prez, Del the Funky Homosapien, Rah Digga and Tame One to name a few.”

He’s pretty solid, despite looking like a shitty dude to hang out with and three-quarters of the Jewish boys who went to my high school. It should be a good time, if only because—with the exception of the good work of the Hip Hop Alliance—Skidmore NEVER GETS DECENT RAPPERS. Plus, Yo Soy Milk and Mugsy Boges.

Thursday November 8, 8pm @ Falstaff’s

(via Facebook)

Lively Lucy’s Tonight: Yo Soy Milk, Los Elk, and Punch Drunk Monkeys

Thursday, February 9th, 2012
By Brandon Dyer ’15

Leave your pouting babies at home for this one.


Tonight starting at 8:45 @ Falstaff’s, Lively Lucy’s presents a night of rock and roll debauchery at Falstaff’s chock full of sweaty thongs and headbanging. Three homegrown Skidmore bands will be performing: Yo Soy Milk, Los Elk, and Punch Drunk Monkeys.

Yo Soy Milk is likely the loudest, most obnoxious punk act to grace Skidmore since, well, ever. Seriously, these guys are terrible.  Never before has Skidmore heard their patented brand of Nirvana-meets-Queens of the Stone Age-meets-The Replacements punk with a hint of emo self-loathing. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this Thursday you can hear Yo Soy Milk’s first Skidmore performance.

If you missed Los Elk opening for Jesse Rubin at the Spa last Friday, you missed out on some seriously groovin’ dance rock from these boys.  With a classic indie rock sound combining raw power with technical proficiency that will make it impossible for you to not get down with your bad self on the dance floor, their second showing is not to be missed.

Last but certainly not least will be Punch Drunk Monkeys, Skidmore’s resident punk-funk gurus.  The oldest of these young bands, Punch Drunk Monkeys are veterans of the Skidmore rock scene, even performing at Fun Day last year.  If you know ’em, you love ’em, and if you don’t, you will.

Who knows, that cute girl in your philosophy class might even be there.