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Weekend Distractions CXIII

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

5:00pm- Speak Up, Make Change: Five Bright Ideas in Feminist Media Workshop @ ICC (fbook)
6:30pm- “A Band Called Death” Film Screening @ The Tang (fbook)
8:00pm- Speak Up, Make Change: Five Bright Ideas in Feminist Media Lecture @ Filene (fbook)
8:00pm- Brazilian Guitar Quartet @ Zankel

4:00pm- Outing Club Big Meeting @ Falstaffs
4:30pm- Awkward Kids Talking Auditions @ JKB
6:00pm- Women’s Basketball vs. Bard College @ Williamson Sports Center
8:00pm- Men’s Basketball vs. Bard College @ Williamson Sports Center
10:00pm- Prom 100 Days Dance @ Saratoga Hilton

11:00am- Chowderfest 2014 @ Downtown
11:30am- Awkward Kids Talking Newbie Show @ Spa (fbook)
1:00pm- Women’s Swimming & Diving Invitational @ Williamson Sports Center
Drunk:00pm- HAP @ you’ll know if you’re supposed to know

6:30pm- Super Bowl XLVIII on FOX @ MetLife Stadium
7:00pm- WSPN Big Meeting @ Gannett (fbook)

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Weekend Distractions CIX

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

8:00pm –  Sylvia Courvoisier and Mark Feldman Duo @ Arthur Zankel Music Center

4:00pm – Men’s and Women’s Swimming & Diving vs. St.Lawrence University
8:00pm – Women’s Volleyball vs. Kean University
8:00pm – Jeffrey Rosen Lecture @ Gannet Auditorium
9:00pm – WSPN Halloween Show @ Falstaff’s (fbook)
10:00pm – Drastic Measures & Dynamics Mini-Jam @ Wilson Chapel (fbook)
10:00pm – The Return of Friday Night Standup @ SPA (fbook)

11:00am – Women’s Volleyball vs. Fredonia State University
1:00pm – Men’s and Women’s Swimming & Diving vs. SUNY Potsdam
2:00pm – Women’s Field Hockey vs. Stevens Institute of Technology
3:00pm – Women’s Volleyball vs. New Paltz
8:00pm – Marina Piccinini & Guests @ Arthur Zankel Music Center
8:00pm – SEC Presents Cosmonaut with Pooch @ Falstaff’s (fbook)
9:00pm – AKT Presents Improvised Movie Database @ Filene Auditorium (fbook)
9:00pm – Accents and PULSE! Halloween Mini-Jam @ Wilson Chapel (fbook)
9:30pm – Social Justice Week Kick-Off Event @ The SPA (fbook)
10:00pm – Skidmore Pride Alliance Presents Spectrum @ Small Gym (fbook)

2:30pm – Skidmore Flute Festival Student Ensembles @ Arthur Zankel Music Center
7:00pm – Harvest Dinner @ SPA (fbook)
8:00pm – Diwali Celebration @ Falstaff’s (fbook)

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WSPN Halloween Cover Band Show Friday Nov. 1st @ 9pm in Falstaff’s

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Via WSPN courtesy of Garrett Evans.

It’s almost Friday night, and do you know what that means?  Well, if you survived the trashy Halloween parties and the overeating of single-serving Twizzlers, you can start your weekend off right with WSPN’s annual cover band show.  Our venerable college radio station puts on only a couple of events each year, and you shouldn’t miss this one.

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WSPN Fall Program Guide

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 9.27.00 PM

Photo: Facebook

Last Tuesday was National College Radio Day and WSPN celebrated by having a bake sale and handing out fall program guides. Last year, WSPN was rated 19th on Princeton Review’s Top College Radio Stations list, so they’re kind of a big deal. Essentially D-1 radio right here. WSPN streams 24/7 at and on your car radio at 91.1fm.

Check out the fall program guide below and be sure to listen up:

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Thursday, April 18th, 2013


Sup clowns. What are you doing this Saturday? If you answered anything other than “going to Earth Day,” then you’re a bigger clown than I thought.

Every year, WSPN and EAC put together a concert with a whole bunch of bands. It has rained every year since Earth Day 2010. Hopefully it won’t this weekend.

Here’s the list of AWESOME bands:

There’s also going to be A 75-FOOT SLIP AND SLIDE! A ROCK CLIMBING WALL! A BEER GARDEN (“Biergarten” if you must)! A PETTING ZOO!


AND IT’S ON 4/20.

You high jackasses are going to fucking love this shit. I mean, A FUCKING PETTING ZOO. ON 4/20. WHAT A BAD IDEA.

Saturday April 20, 12pm @ South Green*

*Falstaff’s in case of rain.
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“Fifty” Years of WSPN @ Case Gallery

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013


Tomorrow, come marvel at the historical relics of our humble college radio station, WSPN. Every year, the kids cool enough to get elected to the Board haul out some old junk from the office and hang it all up on the walls of Case Gallery, and tomorrow, they’ll be celebrating fifty years of broadcasting.*

According to the email I received from the lovely, effervescent, ambitious, beautiful GM, Annie Auchincloss, this year’s exhibit will include “letters from Prez Palamountain, telegrams from the FCC, and citation letters from Campo,” as well as:

  • The time WSPN was offered $25,000 for their call letters
  • The time WSPN almost died
  • The time WSPN got into a really big fight with SkidNews
  • A short history of really bad WSPN logos
  • An even shorter history of really good ones

The charming, boyish, dignified, persnickety programmer Mac Parsons will be providing tunes at tomorrow night’s opening, and apparently, there will be FOOD and BOOZE.

*The station was actually founded in 1973. Who could have guessed that a bunch of tight-jeans-wearing humanities majors would be so hopeless at math? 

Thursday April 11, 7pm @ Case Gallery

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New Los Elk Single to Premier on WSPN

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Today, WSPN will be doing a cool little promotion. From 5 to 6pm, Los Elk will be in the station answering listeners’ questions  on the air and premiering their new single “Peter Pan” before it hits Band Camp.

Should be fun, but you could probably just go up to them in Case or wherever and ask them whatever questions you want. They don’t really seem that intimidating, and if you treat them like celebrities, the attention will just go to their heads. Take ’em down a few pegs, you know?

Give the station a call at (518) 580-5783.

Monday February 25, 5-6pm @ WSPN 91.1FM

Get Ready for a Weekend of Cool Music (and Stephen Yell)

Thursday, February 21st, 2013
Los Elk at a recent performance

A recent Los Elk performance

There’s so much live music happening this weekend, it’s basically a joke. Let’s go through this list one by one:

Friday, February 22

  • HAP & Los Elk: You may remember HAP from last semester’s semi-secret boner show in the basement of Clinton Street. Half of the people in the band don’t even go here, so you won’t want to miss this. They’re also playing with Los Elk, and everyone knows them because they’re great live and they’re all cute Jewish boys (I think? May need to get Skidmore Unofficial’s fact checker/unpaid intern on that). 8pm @ Falstaff’s 
  • Late City Nights: Branchez & Tony QuattroBleepy-bloop music from New York, along with a collection of Capital Region DJs spinning all night. Maybe you’ll do the Harlem Shake or something (DON’T).  9:30pm @ Putnam Den

Saturday, February 23

Let it be known that this weekend, Stephen Yell will be playing drums three times in 1/4 of the bands listed. What CAN’T that young man do?

WSPN Bakesale

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Today, the well-dressed people of WSPN will be hosting a bakesale in Case, presumably to raise money for A NEW FUCKING COUCH IN THE STATION (please).

I have no idea if these guys can bake or anything, but here’s a list of shit they’ll be selling:

  • doughnuts
  • coconut chocolate chip scones
  • molasses cookies
  • pumpkin-chocolate whoopie pies
  • chocolate chip cookies

They’ll have a Skidcard reader and maybe some new stickers too.

Thursday December 6, 9am-3pm @ Case

WSPN & Lively Lucy’s Presents: The Glimmer Twins

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Like the DA’s bathroom, minus “KILL WHITEY”

In keeping with the newfound tradition of tribute bands coming to Skidmore over Halloweekend, Rolling Stones tribute band, The Glimmer Twins, will be playing a show at Falstaff’s tomorrow night.

Anybody who remembers how fucking incredible Start Making Sense was last year won’t want to miss this. They sound great, and the main guy actually looks a lot like Mick Jagger. They just need the guy playing Keith Richards to collapse in a pile of his own vomit and/or shit to complete the illusion. SUCH ENERGY!

Hopefully they won’t play the boring old stuff and stick to the disco hits, like “Miss You” and “Undercover of the Night.”

Thursday October 25, 8pm @ Falstaff’s

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