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Can’t Wait to Graduate!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Yesterday I was dreading graduation. Yes, it’s months away but, good G-d, I’m graduating college in 6 months with no discernable skills or marketable talents. Spending my afternoons in bed staring at this recent New York Times graphic didn’t help either.

Check out this terrifying quote from ‘an unemployed man in the southwest’, “[I’m] worried because I have three god kids that will need jobs in the next 6 years. Don’t know what to tell them. Go into debt for college?” Holy shit, this guy birthed 3 gods and he’s worried about their job prospects?

Needless to say I was relieved when this video of a Skidmore Alum got sent my way and I realized it’s not hard to get on TV because obviously once I get on TV I can use some networking skills and BAM, reality TV show.

So, according to this video when I sit in class stumbling, stuttering, trying to formulate my thoughts on the uh merits of uh Georg Lukács’ uh Marxist-ism, uh Modernist theory, I am simply preparing myself for the real world where uh…uh…uhsorry…I dunno when is the next Real World?