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Headliners Announced for 2015 National College Comedy Festival

Saturday, December 13th, 2014
You want it, you got it.

No Dane Cook, but I’ll probably go anyway.

The hype is over, or maybe it’s just beginning. The professional headliners for this year’s National College Comedy Festival have been announced, and boy is it gonna be a steamy one.

In case you didn’t know (I didn’t), comedy has this whole “scene” to it, like music and film and shit. There’s a layered culture surrounding it: you have your popular mainstream stuff, you have your well-but-not-super-well-known comedians, and then you have your up-and-coming comedians. And they have, like, schools you can go to and all that. And ComFest usually does a really solid job of bringing a variety of comedians at different levels of success and popularity–in addition to some great college groups.

So if you’re into comedy (or want/claim to be into it), read on and learn more about this year’s lineup (which should make for one fuck of a show) so you can have one more thing to be pretentious about. Click to continue »

Skidmore Music Professor on This American Life

Friday, November 18th, 2011

So, last Friday, Skidmore music professor Anthony Holland was featured on NPR’s This American Life. Holland has spent the last few years experimenting with soundwaves to kill cancer cells, expanding and improving upon the pseudoscientific research of twentieth century inventor, Royal Rife (incidentally, one of the greatest names I’ve ever heard). There’s some sci-fi shit going on in the bowels of Zankel.

The segment is truly fascinating, and offers a poignant insight into the scientific process. Here’s the link, but if you can’t stand Glass’ nasally whine for a whole hour, Holland starts at around 7:00.