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WSPN Radio Show Featured in International Radio Festival

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

WSPN radio show Recess: with Spinelli featuring Alex Calder Spinelli has won the International Radio Festival’s award for “Best US/Canada Campus Radio Show” and was broadcast live in Switzerland (yeah, Switzerland) on September 5th as part of the 2014 IRF in Zurich.

This guy had his radio show streamed in Switzerland. What have you done lately?

This guy had his radio show streamed in Switzerland. What have you done lately?

Both Recess: with Spinelli and WSPN received positive reviews from the site, who wrote

WSPN is one few college radio stations in the US solely made and run by students. The station being on air 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, playing primarily Alternative Rock, is not only available on the campus of Skidmore College, but is also extremely popular among citizens of Saratoga Springs, New York. … In his show Spinelli presents new international and local music, interviews locally grown musicians and hosts exclusive live gigs straight out of the campus studios. We are looking forward to welcome the young, thoroughbred radio journalist in Zurich and introduce him to a worldwide audience.

Worldwide audience. Not fucking bad. Congratulations to Spinelli for making both WSPN and Skidmore proud. You can stream the most recent episode (along with previous episodes) here, and we suggest you do just that. The folks at WSPN do great work, so be sure to stay posted for more info on their fall season. And if you’re interested in joining the airwaves of WSPN, be sure to attend their big meeting next Sunday, September 14th.