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North Woods Halloween Haunt

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
I believe the term is "spoopy."

I believe the term is “spoopy.”

Tomorrow night, Sustainable Skidmore will kick-off Skidmore Unplugged (which you might know as the event that spawned this beautiful creation) by hosting the North Woods Halloween Haunt. Not to be confused with the Northwoods Halloween Hunt, of course, which will take place this weekend and will consist of campo combing through every apartment unit on campus, missing the golden days of just busting people at Moorebid.

This guided tour of the “possibly haunted” North Woods will begin at 8:00pm at the Falstaff’s entrance to the woods, which is appropriate, given the fact that most of your scariest experiences in your time at Skidmore have probably taken place at Falstaff’s.

The tour is sure to feature many creatures that haunt your nightmares, such as ghost, goblins, and that email from Sam Harris detailing the new smoking policies. So take a spooky study break and bring your friend. Or come alone if you don’t have any of those think you can handle it.

Take This Community-Supported Agriculture Survey

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Big news for all you do-gooder liberal fucks out there. Next fall, Skidmore will be piloting a community-supported agriculture program, and Dining Services and Sustainable Skidmore want you to take this survey to help the local farmers of Denison Farm, Kilpatrick Family Farm, and 9 Miles East Farm plan for the next growing season and identify some logistical stuff.

Also, here’s what a CSA is for the ignorant (me):

“Traditionally, a CSA, or Community-Supported Agriculture, connects you to farmers in a community in a unique way by sharing the risk inherent in growing food between farmers and eaters. By paying in advance individuals support our local farmers and in return receive healthy, fresh, sustainable, local produce during the growing and harvest season. Using this as a model, we will create a program suitable for the Skidmore community.

“For the Skidmore CSA, you would pay a price that equates to $25-$30 per week, and you would receive a share of fresh and seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the farmers. Our Skidmore CSA share will potentially provide different share sizes to meet the needs of different living arrangements. Whether you are a student in a Northwoods Village apartment cooking for yourself or an individual feeding a family, we hope to create a program that can meet your food needs. Joining a CSA allows all members to access healthy and nutritious food and support sustainable agriculture while redirecting their food dollars to support their local economy.”

If you like bragging to people about your eating habits then you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Complete the survey if you’re interested in joining, and shoot an email over to with any questions or concerns.

(via Survey Monkey)

“Forest Forensics” Author and Ecologist to Lecture

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012


Tonight, ecologist and author Thomas Wessels will be on campus to deliver a lecture titled “Reading the Forested Landscape.” The discussion will be based on his book of the same name, and will:

“Introduce people to approaches used to interpret a forest’s history while wandering through it.  Using evidence such as the shapes of trees, scars on their trunks, the pattern of decay in stumps, the construction of stone walls, and the lay of the land, it is possible to unravel complex stories etched into our forested landscape.  This process could easily be called forest forensics, since it is quite similar to interpreting a crime scene.”

In addition to being a less exciting Horatio Caine, Wessels is the founding director of the master’s degree program in Conservation Biology at Antioch University New England and the current chair of the generically named Center for Whole Communities. He also has a funny last name.

Wednesday, September 19 in Filene @ 7pm

(via Speaker’s Bureau)

Do You Care About The Environment Enough To Win $100?

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Sustainable Skidmore is calling all graphic designers/artists to design them a new logo. The winner will be awarded a cool $100. Submit designs to Riley Neugebauer by April 10. The winner will be announced on Earth Day (April 22.)
I use photoshop about as well as I use commas (poorly) so here is a list of amazing ideas for the new Sustainable Skidmore logo that I am offering to all takers:

A large, muscular horse recycling a Busch Light can

Phil Glotzbach slyly winking at a large, muscular horse recycling an Honest Tea bottle

A kid draped in flannel sipping vodka cranberry from a battered Nalgene bottle at Falstaff’s (as opposed to, say, a one time use Poland Spring bottle)

A large, muscular horse turning off the lights as they leave their freshman year triple

The word ‘Skidmore’ spelled out in old growth forest (not actual old growth forest though)

A sexy CFL light bulb

A sexy CLF light bulb wearing Uggs and tights

The word “Skidmore’ spelled out with bicycles (or something like that)

A large muscular horse poring over the results of a greenhouse gas emissions survey