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North Woods Halloween Haunt

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
I believe the term is "spoopy."

I believe the term is “spoopy.”

Tomorrow night, Sustainable Skidmore will kick-off Skidmore Unplugged (which you might know as the event that spawned this beautiful creation) by hosting the North Woods Halloween Haunt. Not to be confused with the Northwoods Halloween Hunt, of course, which will take place this weekend and will consist of campo combing through every apartment unit on campus, missing the golden days of just busting people at Moorebid.

This guided tour of the “possibly haunted” North Woods will begin at 8:00pm at the Falstaff’s entrance to the woods, which is appropriate, given the fact that most of your scariest experiences in your time at Skidmore have probably taken place at Falstaff’s.

The tour is sure to feature many creatures that haunt your nightmares, such as ghost, goblins, and that email from Sam Harris detailing the new smoking policies. So take a spooky study break and bring your friend. Or come alone if you don’t have any of those think you can handle it.

Take This Community-Supported Agriculture Survey

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Big news for all you do-gooder liberal fucks out there. Next fall, Skidmore will be piloting a community-supported agriculture program, and Dining Services and Sustainable Skidmore want you to take this survey to help the local farmers of Denison Farm, Kilpatrick Family Farm, and 9 Miles East Farm plan for the next growing season and identify some logistical stuff.

Also, here’s what a CSA is for the ignorant (me):

“Traditionally, a CSA, or Community-Supported Agriculture, connects you to farmers in a community in a unique way by sharing the risk inherent in growing food between farmers and eaters. By paying in advance individuals support our local farmers and in return receive healthy, fresh, sustainable, local produce during the growing and harvest season. Using this as a model, we will create a program suitable for the Skidmore community.

“For the Skidmore CSA, you would pay a price that equates to $25-$30 per week, and you would receive a share of fresh and seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the farmers. Our Skidmore CSA share will potentially provide different share sizes to meet the needs of different living arrangements. Whether you are a student in a Northwoods Village apartment cooking for yourself or an individual feeding a family, we hope to create a program that can meet your food needs. Joining a CSA allows all members to access healthy and nutritious food and support sustainable agriculture while redirecting their food dollars to support their local economy.”

If you like bragging to people about your eating habits then you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Complete the survey if you’re interested in joining, and shoot an email over to with any questions or concerns.

(via Survey Monkey)

“Forest Forensics” Author and Ecologist to Lecture

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012


Tonight, ecologist and author Thomas Wessels will be on campus to deliver a lecture titled “Reading the Forested Landscape.” The discussion will be based on his book of the same name, and will:

“Introduce people to approaches used to interpret a forest’s history while wandering through it.  Using evidence such as the shapes of trees, scars on their trunks, the pattern of decay in stumps, the construction of stone walls, and the lay of the land, it is possible to unravel complex stories etched into our forested landscape.  This process could easily be called forest forensics, since it is quite similar to interpreting a crime scene.”

In addition to being a less exciting Horatio Caine, Wessels is the founding director of the master’s degree program in Conservation Biology at Antioch University New England and the current chair of the generically named Center for Whole Communities. He also has a funny last name.

Wednesday, September 19 in Filene @ 7pm

(via Speaker’s Bureau)

New Energy Economy Forum @ Skidmore College – Get Charged Up!

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

So you know how Iran is threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz and severely screw up the world’s oil supply? Remember how that huge BP oil spill in the Gulf was ridiculously expensive (not to mention impossible) to clean up? Heard about the social justice issues surrounding hydrofracking and the Keystone XL pipeline from the mouths of Cuomo and Obama?

We could really use some new energy sources, because our current ones get us into a lot of trouble.

Thankfully, three student organizers and your very own Skidmore Sustainability Coordinator spent last semester putting together the New Energy Economy Forum, a day’s worth of clean energy experts, business owners, NYSERDA lawyers, National Grid representatives, conservationists, and the like – along with best-selling author Jeff Goodell – speaking about clean energy technology, the future of the industry, and what you can do to get a slice of the pie while being good to the planet.

Plus there’s a career workshop prior to the event that will set you up to mingle like the best of them. Do I smell a chance to network with leaders in a lucrative, growing sector of the energy and conservation industry, or is that just what the atmosphere smells like without coal and natural gas emissions?

But seriously, go to it and you’ll learn how your future homeowner-self can save money, and maybe you’ll even get a job. All students are welcome to attend, especially non-ES kids, because everyone deserves to be on the cutting edge.

When and where?
2/15/2012 – Career Workshop in Bolton 280 @ 7pm
2/16/2012 – Jeff Goodell keynote in Gannett @ 7pm
2/17/2012 – NEEF in Gannett & Bolton @ 12-6pm (register online)

Change the Media, Change the World

Sunday, October 30th, 2011


Once upon a time, smart people read the New York Times, almost-smart people listened to NPR, dummies watched FOX, and stoners watched Weekend Update. Things are totally different now, what with the internet and all, and if you’re interested in seeing how all these things together affect your life, then come to this lecture secret meeting of enlightened folk. Josh Stearns is going to be talking about how media sets the agenda, and give us some tips on how to reform the thing so that we stop wasting our time with false debates, opinion-as-fact reporting and issue attention cycling. Hot shit all around.

There’s a whole bunch of info on Josh’s history on the (fbook), and if you have the time, read it. But if you just want to take my word for it, then I’ll see you there.

Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, 7:00pm @ Davis

Do You Care About The Environment Enough To Win $100?

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Sustainable Skidmore is calling all graphic designers/artists to design them a new logo. The winner will be awarded a cool $100. Submit designs to Riley Neugebauer by April 10. The winner will be announced on Earth Day (April 22.)
I use photoshop about as well as I use commas (poorly) so here is a list of amazing ideas for the new Sustainable Skidmore logo that I am offering to all takers:

A large, muscular horse recycling a Busch Light can

Phil Glotzbach slyly winking at a large, muscular horse recycling an Honest Tea bottle

A kid draped in flannel sipping vodka cranberry from a battered Nalgene bottle at Falstaff’s (as opposed to, say, a one time use Poland Spring bottle)

A large, muscular horse turning off the lights as they leave their freshman year triple

The word ‘Skidmore’ spelled out in old growth forest (not actual old growth forest though)

A sexy CFL light bulb

A sexy CLF light bulb wearing Uggs and tights

The word “Skidmore’ spelled out with bicycles (or something like that)

A large muscular horse poring over the results of a greenhouse gas emissions survey

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Survey

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

somewhere in the lovely northwoods

The Eco-Reps and Sustainable Skidmore have put together a survey in a move to quantify the campus’ greenhouse gas emissions. The survey is broken down into two parts, takes only a few minutes and helps the college to establish a baseline emissions number.

After you have finished the survey a link pops up allowing you to enter a raffle for a $10 gift card to Putnam Market, a $10 gift card to Uncommon Grounds and a $5 gift card to Saratoga Coffee Traders. Clicky click here.

It’s Official: Howe-Rounds is Champion

Friday, December 5th, 2008

After a back and forth of who would be crowned victor of Skidmore Unplugged, we are pleased to announce Howe-Rounds as the most energy efficient dorm on campus. Similarly, we would also like to award Howe-Rounds as the “Most Confusing Dorm” on campus. While people insist on it being two separate dorms, its energy usage continues to be displayed as one. In the spirit of continued energy conservation, perhaps a contest amongst academic buildings is in order: Tisch vs. Bolton-Palamountain-Dana-Harder (and I guess Ladd). Get ready for a blood bath.

Let our previous post ring far and loud…

We’re not sure why we haven’t received a barrage of campus wide emails announcing the winner yet, but Skidmore Unplugged ended 2 days ago and Howe-Rounds is the clear victor. Maybe the tight lips have something to do with accusations of sabotage we’ve heard rumor of.

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More On Skidmore Unplugged

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Remember back when we got our undies in a bundle over who was going to win Skidmore Unplugged? Well, we recently received an email from Christopher Sacca ’09 who helped design and code the website. This is what we learned:

The Skidmore Unplugged contest ended Nov. 22nd and it looks like Howe-Rounds remains victorious (barring any sabotage scandal). Now these nifty little monitors that they hooked up to the dorms this year are still collecting data and feeding it into the sustainability dashboard (that’s a fancy name for website), so you can check in any time and see how the dorms are doing. What those monitors do is “measure the cumulative percent increase or decrease from a baseline for each of the dorms’ energy consumption.”  For all you English majors out there that means that the site measures if the percentage of energy used has increased or decreased from an already established norm (the baseline). The baselines were established by taking the total energy usage from each individual dorm each hour and stringing it together to make a week long model, with information for every hour of every day. The point being that you use more electricity on a Wednesday afternoon than you do on Sunday at 5am. This means that any concern over the energy consumption of the Tower elevator or Health Services acting as a handicap in the competition is unfounded because their existence is already accounted for in the baseline.

At the moment the site is still accumulating data from the monitors and will continue to do so—that’s why is may seem like the contest is still going on. We aren’t sure why everyone (i.e whoever runs this contest) is being so tight lipped, but the winner will be announced at the Mr. Skidmore competition Thursday at 8pm in the Spa. Sustainable Skidmore is going to continue to collect our energy usage data, and hopefully in the future will publish it through something like these nifty interfaces for Hamilton and Oberlin.

Howe-Rounds Victorious In Unplugged Competition

Monday, November 24th, 2008

We’re aren’t sure why we haven’t received a barrage of campus wide emails announcing the winner yet, but Skidmore Unplugged ended 2 days ago and Howe-Rounds is the clear victor. Maybe the tight lips have something to do but with accusations of sabotage we’ve heard rumor of?

Any-hoo, after 3 weeks of studying with the lights off and waking up at 5am panicking over whether or not we turned off our power strips it seems our attention to detail finally paid off. The reward for this environmental responsibility you ask? Why each member of Howe-Rounds will receive a gift certificate to some downtown money hole.  Depending on your luck you could end up with a bagel from Bruegger’s or a romantic dinner for two one at the Olde Bryan Inn. We still aren’t sure how the prizes will be distributed but we have our eyes on some Putnam Market gift cards—if only they knew how much I loved their pesto mayonnaise OMG!

Looks like the rebels in Wait and Jonsson weren’t swayed by the pretty decorations. Both dorms increased their energy usage over these past three weeks and seemed to have had some trouble grasping the whole “reduce” concept. Hopefully who ever is in charge of this little dealio will have the sense to keep it going so dorms can continue to measure up to one another.