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Lecture: Global Food Security

Monday, November 12th, 2012

What you get when you google “global food security”

Tonight, lecturer Susan Bragdon will deliver a talk on global food security, titled “Who Owns What You Eat: Why the Use and Control of Biological Diversity Matters to Global Food Security.” That’s quite a mouthful (NO PUN INTENDED).

Bragdon is an expert on international law, agriculture, conservation, biotechnology, and other things that ES majors like talking about. As a consultant and patent attorney, she specializes in international sustainability initiatives and “plant genetic resources law.”

Last April, Bragdon was appointed executive director of Seeds for All, a non-profit fighting for “inclusive intellectual property rights and policy development in the area of agricultural innovation to strengthen food security and alleviate poverty.” Adjectives!

Monday November 12, 7pm @ Emerson

(via Skidmore)