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Skidmore Theater Presents: Student Workshop, “Tourniquet”

Monday, December 3rd, 2012


This week, members of the Skidmore Theater Department will be performing the student play, Tourniquet, written by Adrienne Shaffler ’13 and directed by Kathryn Rickman ’13. According to SkidProp:

Tourniquet is a mosaic of the people struggling with the tragic repercussions of September 11th, while trying to find a semblance of the lives they once had. Knowing that nothing will ever be the same, every character must strive to find meaning in something that seems impossible to comprehended. These characters are well represented by Skidmore actors listed below.
Nicole Dancel ’13
Natalie Nagar ’15
Jazz Adam ’13
Emma Weiss ’13
Zazie Beets ’13
Henry Hetz ’15
Pat Stanny ’15
Jomack Miranda ’16

Tickets are free, but space is pretty limited. Email stage manager Addison Bennett to make a reservation, though I’m sure they’d let you in without one if you just show up. I mean, I doubt it’ll be like DA’s when THEY’RE AT CAPACITY.

Monday December 3, 8pm
Tuesday December 4, 8pm
Wednesday December 5, 8pm
@ Studio A, JKB 

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