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WOOD(worth)STOCK: A Skidmore Music Scene Showcase

Monday, April 21st, 2014
Everybody's favorite band will be here. And Marc Woodworth, so you gotta go.

Everybody’s favorite band will be here. And Marc Woodworth, so you gotta go.

Writing Rock is a hidden jem of the Skidmore English Department. Offered every-other semester or so by Marc Woodworth (Avid music and cultural critic, author of Guided By Voices’ Bee Thousands 33 1/3rd book, and associate editor at Salmagundi), Writing Rock is an intensive writing workshop about the history and current state of music journalism.

Students learn how to analyze, critique, and report on popular music and artists. As part of the course, each student picked an on-campus (or Skidmore-affiliated) band to profile. You can read those profiles at

The class is organizing a showcase to present the bands that they have written about. There are 11 bands and solo artists that will be performing short sets. The line-up includes:

Quick Fix
Free Cake for Every Creature
Amir Rivera-Lieberman
Elliot Daniels
Melissa Chilinski
Phil Ortiz
Ryan Meczywor
Ethan Carpene
Katie Martucci
Ian Bakerman

Wood(worth)Stock is tomorrow, Tuesday the 22nd, at the amphitheater outside of Zankel at 5 p.m. Rain location: Falstaff’s. 

Skidmore Music Scene Tumblr Explores Skidmore Music Scene

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

This weekend, we discovered Skidmore Music Scene—a nifty Tumblr started by some people interested in documenting student music here at Skidmore. The site is relatively new and well-maintained, and offers a pretty detailed and comprehensive list of all the student bands on campus, as well as upcoming events and releases.

Maybe I’m not cool enough or whatever, but I had no idea some of these acts existed. Take, for example, beatmaker Beta (Danny Goliger ’15), whose Band Camp features some really solid tracks. This shit is awesome, so thanks Skidmore Music Scene.

Student Bands Playing Fun Day

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

If I could do college over, instead of being a slippingly anonymous blogger with caffeine headaches and bad skin I would be in a band.

I would play my instrument with my golden fingers and drive freshmen wild and people would carry me on their shoulders and my whole college career would be like one of the better montages from Almost Famous.

In this college-do-over-fantasy, my band and I play Fun Day and when I look out over the crowd of students, pale shouldered and drunk behind neon sunglasses I can see that I have melted their minds with my amazing guitar solo. The crowd literally has their melted brains dripping out of their ears and nose and I am fucking shredding on my ax and then fireworks go off behind me as I am lifted up by a crane and carried, dove like over the crowd, to a jacuzzi filled with champagne, a cold jacuzzi filled with champagne, where I am greeted by every girl I have ever crushed on, even my first German au-pair.

I think this is what having your band play Fun Day is like. Alas, I can only speculate. But you, Lucky Musician, you can live the dream. You and your band can play Fun Day. All you need to do to begin living your dream is click here. Sieze this opportunity! These are the best days of your life! You’re only young once! I am still in love with my baby sitter from 6th grade!

Aural Explosion

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
Too Rad

Too Rad

Yo Motherfuckers, if you’re not totally popping wood about all the good music coming to campus this weekend you must be a serious wet blanket. Thursday night Lively Lucy’s brings you a free show with April Smith and the Great Picture Show and The Van Buren Boys and then Friday night is SEC and Benefaction’s biannual Benefit Concert with sets from VERBS, Silent Kids and Mutual Friends. After all that madness there is this little party called Moorebid Ball featuring LightsDownMusicUp on Saturday Night.

I just want to let everyone know now so we can collectively avoid all those what-are-you-doing-tonight text messages.