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Skidomedy Presents: “Definitive Evidence of a Loving God” (11/8)

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

All other poster designers can pack it up for the semester.

The eleventh hour is upon us. Go to Gannett tonight well after the point-of-no-sober-return to catch Skidomedy’s big show of the semester: “Definitive Evidence of a Loving God.”

If you caught the sketch comedy group’s set at Triple Threat, then got a brief taste of what to expect  from the group, who are looking stronger (and probably bigger) than ever. There was mugging. There was a couple singing in a park while a dude was shanked after, you guessed it, getting mugged. There was high school bullying. There was a little girl writing about her sexual frustrations in her diary: “I’M SO GODDAMNED WET IT’S LIKE I SAT IN SOUP ALL DAY!”

It was funny shit. And all new material written by this semester’s line-up, so just imagine what an hour’s worth of this stuff will do to you! It might make you feel better. You know. About that thing that happened last night.

And besides, as we’ve alluded to before, any comedy group that’s essentially been told by the administration “we’re watching you” because they’ve done so much controversial and edgy shit is SURE to make for a good time.