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Skidmore Student Accused on Charges of Burglary and Vandalism

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Jacob Ross (

On January 18th, the day returning students arrived on campus to begin the new semester, the Skidmore community received a safety alert from Lori Parks announcing that Campus Safety and the Saratoga Springs Police Department were investigating two Skidmore-related break-ins and burglaries in SkidShop and Sasselin Art Building.  Click to continue »

FREE FOOD: Jacob & Anthony’s @ SkidShop

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Tasteful Design!

Last week, we promoted the Jacob & Anthony’s Skidmore Burger contest and I wowed you all with my recipe for the GREATEST FUCKING BURGER YOU WILL EVER HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF RAMMING DOWN YOUR EAT-HOLE. Well, the God of Cheapness is smiling down on us, because tomorrow, J&A will be outside the SkidShop giving away free food and hyping their contest.

The SkidShop and freebies go together like Walt and Jesse and if you’re on campus tomorrow afternoon, there’s really no reason to pass this up.

Tuesday October 9, 5pm @ SkidShop


Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

i'm gonna get you

Tomorrow [Wednesday] the Skidshop is hosting an inventory reduction sale.  It’s gonna be huge.*  BC’s got the lowdown:

Everyone, this isn’t your ordinary sale, this is THEE sale.  It’s the sale you’ve dreamed about.  This is the white whale of sales……except you actually capture it.  So I guess technically we can’t call it the white whale of sales.  How about this…this is the Bigfoot of sales!  Technically that’s wrong too, since there is no definitive proof of Bigfoot.  I mean it’s not even a sale……it’s bigger than a sale.  It’s an EVENT!! So how about we call it what it is…it’s the INVENTORY REDUCTION EVENT of the year and it’s on April 25th, and it’s gonna be massiiiiiive.  Mega huge discounts on many items in the store.  Stop in any time on April 25th and check the great money saving deals in the store.

Sale tomorrow 4/25 from 9:15-7:00

*Fuccillo moved down to Florida a few years ago but he took no time off saturating the airwaves down there.  Even inspired this music video.

Sangwych at SkidShop

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The SkidShop continues to do this weird thing where they entice local business to come to campus and give away free food.  This seems great but how am I supposed to prepare for real life? I thought in real life there are no free rides and no money trees. I know college is supposed to challenge my preconceptions but SkidShop you are being ridiculous. It’s now guaranteed that come next year, I’ll be unemployed and starving.

Ok, so this new sandwich place in town, Sangwych will be coming tomorrow to the shop at 5 and giving away free samples. I’m looking at the menu right now and oh black betty bam ba lam.  These sangwychs are fire.  I’m about to smang the Bensonhurst sangwych super hard.

sangs all day long

Sangwych @ Skidshop, Wednesday 5-7

Esperanto at the Skid Shop [REMIX]

Monday, September 19th, 2011

"I'm dumb"


Did you miss the Esperanto extravaganza last week?  Did you forget what cream cheese tastes like?  Did you forget why you have a Lipitor prescription?
It doesn’t matter, Esperanto will be returning to the Skid Shop packing mad heat in the form of doughboys, pizza and Frank’s Red Hot.  If we’re lucky they may even bring some samples of the new member of the Dough family. Rumor has it that this summer, when Dough Boy and Dough Girl were away at summer camp, Dough Aunt and Dough Uncle got real busy.  Yes, on that fateful night the Dough Cousin was born.

According to facebook the Dough Cousin is filled with spinach, roasted red peppers, red onions, feta and mozzarella cheese.

Esperanto @ the Skid Shop
Wednesday [9/21] 5-7

Esperanto at the Skid Shop

Monday, September 12th, 2011

creamy goodness

It’s true.  This Wednesday (9/14) Esperanto, the late night saviour of high and drunk kids alike, is making an appearance in front of the Skid Shop.  It is not recommended, however, to be inebriated for this, as they’re visiting from 5-7pm and it’s Wednesday.

They’ll be stationed right in front of the shop and be giving away free doughboys.  Doughboys, which rumor has it were forged in the fires of Tisch by Professor Sheldon Solomon,  consist of chicken, spices and creamy cream cheese all wrapped together in baked pizza dough.  They’re good, although having more than one is pushing your luck.

Esperanto’s food is a staple of any well balanced Skidmore diet, don’t pass up this opportunity to get a free fix.  They’ll also be bringing pizza and other things with less cream cheese.
Plus, the Skid Shop is just a cool place to hang out. Maybe you still need to buy that Spanish textbook, maybe you still need a notebook, whatever. I don’t care.

Really Big Dogs At The SkidShop

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

I am scared of dogs, especially big dogs, but those of you that enjoy the slobbering presence of large hairy animals will be delighted to know that 5 Newfoundlands will be running around the SkidShop this evening starting at 5:30pm. You can, like, play with them and stuff while you buy some pens, or maybe an iPad2.    Look at how big these fuckers are?

Spring Street Deli At The SkidShop

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Want to know a secret? The best hangover cure available without a perscription in Saratoga County is an order of bacon cheese fries from Spring Street Deli (with hot sauce).

If you’re interested in meeting the masterminds behind this wonderful creation you should stop by the SkidShop today between 5 and 7pm to thank them for reinvigorating your Saturday mornings and clogging your arteries.

Spring Street is on campus thanks to the SkidShop’s ongoing generous series of free food events that we don’t deserve.

$10 Off iPods At The SkidShop (5-7pm Only)

Monday, February 14th, 2011

In this perverse culture of constant door holding and hello saying an iPod can be an invaluable resource. The peek of white earbuds from behind a woolen scarf excuses you from the flailing, tedious social responsibility demanded by your walk to class. Lucky for you all iPods—Nanos, Classics, Touches—are $10 off Tuesday (2/15) at the Skidmore Shop. Get in, get out, get on with life.

UPDATE: grab the deal between 5and7pm only.

Free Plum Dandy = Bourgeois Cultural Capital

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of pop culture knows that frozen yogurt is the new low-carb version of sliced bread. I challenge you to watch an episode of Gossip Girl, Real Housewives of New York et. al without at least a passing shot of a Tasti D-Lite—-this shit is everywhere.

And why is this important you ask? Well, because tomorrow in front of the SkidShop Saratoga’s own Frozen Yogurt/sushi/bubble tea/gummy bear palace Plum Dandy will be handing out free samples and if you want to appear culturally relevant and in tune with current trends it behooves you to show up between 5 and 7pm to get spotted indulging.