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Weekend Distractions CXX

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

6:00pm- “I am not ‘Mutilated'”: Speaking Out Against Anti-Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Campaigns @ Davis
7:00pm- Sheldon Answers: Are American Youth Apathetic? @ Filene Recital Hall
7:00pm- 59 Seconds Video Festival @ Tang Teaching Museum
8:00pm- The Happening @ Falstaffs

6:00pm- Allie Chipkin’s Senior Songwriting Performance @ Wilson Chapel
7:00pm- Rithmos presents: ‘Twas the Night Before Fun Day… Disney Princesses and Beyoncé @ Dance Theater
8:00pm- Tang Party @ Tang Teaching Museum
9:00pm- Skidomedy Presents: A Fireside Chat @ Gannett
9:30pm- Souled Out: Lift Every Voice Final Show @ Filene Recital Hall
10:00pm- Dynamics Spring Jam @ Filene Recital Hall

12:00pm- Fun Day @ South Park Green
10:00pm- UJIMA Fun Day After Party @ Falstaffs

6:00pm- Climbing Poetree Hip Hop & Spoken Word Performance @ Case Green

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Skidomedy Sells Out: Sponsored by ESPERANTO!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
"AHHHHHH a talking pizza" or something whatever

"What did the pizza say to the doughboy?"

One of Skidmore’s top twelve comedy groups, Skidomedy, is having a sketch show this Saturday. Oh, what’s that?  You’re enraged? You hate sell-outs? You’ve always hated sell-outs?! Ever since Avril started wearing girls clothes you swore to yourself that sell-outs were your new public enemy number one??? Well calm down, 8th-grade-me. This event isn’t actually being sponsored by Esperanto; the comedy group is just having a doughboy race for an intermission. “Well then why would they say they’re selling out and being sponsored by Esperanto?” you cry, speaking out of turn.

Well that’s because of a little thing called hilarious comedy and if you like that then you’ll love this show. And if you don’t maybe stay at home and nurse your Huntover.


October 22
Gannet Auditorium

ComFest Fundraiser: Smells Like ASS

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

The secret to a successful social life and sexual experience is to always be funny. In today’s competitive friendship market if you don’t have a hilarious joke ready at every moment you are doomed to a life of solitude and tearful masturbation.

Research has shown that most of you are fully capable of making a passable joke, the rest of you however could benefit from studying some more experienced players. Luckily college comedy titans Ad-libs, Skidomedy, Sketchies are hosting a fundraiser for the annual College Comedy Festival this Saturday, providing you with the perfect opportunity to study up.

There is a $2 dollar suggested donation at the door so bring your singles. I know that $2 is 4/5 of a 40oz and times are tough but rest easy knowing that your donation is helping to support ComFest, the largest and most in-chargest college comedy festival in the world. Those two bucks also give you access to raffles and prizes and good times.

Learn more about this incredible opportunity on thefacebook.

Skidomedy and Lively Lucy’s Comedy Special

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010


Open Mic: 8-10 – Sing a song, read a poem, change the world
Stand Up Comedy: 10 – Featuring sets from Skidmore’s comedy All-stars

Skidomedy Show Tonight 10pm

Friday, November 13th, 2009


Skidomedy Presents: Down To Luck
Tonight, 10pm. (fbook)