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Weekend Distractions CXIX

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

7:00pm- LINE Art Review Magazine Release Party @ Tang Teaching Museum
8:00pm- Fundraiser for Saratoga County Outreach @ Putnam Den
9:30pm- Triceracops and EVOLFO DOOFEHT @ Falstaffs

2:00pm- Women’s Softball vs. St. Lawrence University @ Softball Field
4:00pm- Women’s Softball vs. St. Lawrence University @ Softball Field
7:00pm- Accents Spring Jam @ Gannett
8:00pm- Strange and Familiar Places: Spring Dance Concert 2014 @ Dance Theater
8:00pm- Rubblebucket @ Zankel
10:00pm- #Trebsprblmz: Treblemakers Spring Jam @ Filene Hall
10:30pm- ULTIMATE Friday Night Stand-Up @ SPA

11:00am- Tommy Corcoran’s Senior Voice Recital @ Zankel
12:00pm- Men’s Baseball vs. Union College @ Baseball Field (Double Header!)
1:00pm- Women’s Lacrosse vs. RPI @ Wachenheim Field
1:00pm- Men’s Tennis vs. Williams College @ Tennis Courts
2:00pm- Men’s Baseball vs. Union College @ Baseball Field (Double Header!)
2:00pm- Strange and Familiar Places: Spring Dance Concert 2014 @ Dance Theater
2:00pm- Matt Gaydar’s Senior Composition Recital @ Zankel
5:00pm- Laura Pendleton’s Senior Voice Recital @ Zankel
8:00pm- ELEMENT Fashion Show @ Tang Teaching Museum
8:00pm- Strange and Familiar Places: Spring Dance Concert 2014 @ Dance Theater
8:00pm- 100 YEARS OF DRASTICS (10th Year Anniversary Jam) @ Filene Hall
8:00pm- Katherine Murphy’s Senior Flute Recital @ Zankel
9:30pm- [AKTV] @ Gannett
10:00pm- Pulse Final Show @ Davis
10:00pm- Sonnets Spring Jam @ Filene Hall

All Day- Easter (Go egg hunting)


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BADBADNOTGOOD Tears Up Earth Day, Sits Down For Interview

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
Alex Sowinski of BADBADNOTGOOD plays in front of an epic sunset.  Photo by Matt Schonfeld

Alex Sowinski of BADBADNOTGOOD plays in front of an epic sunset. Photo by Matt Schonfeld

I first heard of BADBADNOTGOOD in the winter of my freshman year.  My roommates were giving me a hip hop education, and everyone I knew started listening to Odd Future rappers Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt.  We listened to and watched everything we could find online.  A random YouTube search took us to a video of three kids still in music school.  Clearly set up in a classroom reminiscent of Zankel, the three began playing the opening chords to Tyler, the Creator’s “Bastard.”  The next thing I know they’re shredding through Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade,” but never how I had heard it before.  Gone were the drum machines, synthesizers, and vocals.  Inserted in their stead were acoustic piano, electric bass, and drums.  Jazz chords, and soloing, took the arrangement by storm building the song to a huge climax.  And just like that, I was hooked.

One viral video later, the trio quickly released their first record, BBNG1.  Buzz soon formed, and we learned that the three were jazz performance students at Toronto’s Humber College.  Almost overnight, an outpouring of love came from the hip hop community.  Tyler, the Creator played, soloed, and improvised with them.  Giles Peterson became an early fan and included them in his Worldwide Awards in London, England.  They released BBNG2, and then Frank Ocean called upon them to back him up at Coachella.  They’ve produced for Danny Brown, Earl Sweatshirt, and currently have much more in the works.  In anticipation for their first label-backed release BBNG3, off of Innovative Leisure, they headlined the annual WSPN Earth Day Music Festival.  Before their jaw-dropping, mosh pit-inducing set, we got to show them around Zankel and give them a jazz student’s inside look at the Skidmore music department.  After we got to show off for a sec, the whole crew sat down (along with their producer, Frank Dukes) for a rousing conversation about performance, hip hop, and what it means to be a jazz kid in 2014:

So which one of you at the end of BBNG 1 was like “Fuck Giant Steps, I hate that song?” 

Matty: It was Alex.

So as a drummer why do you hate “Giant Steps” so much if you don’t have to deal with the chords for it? 

Alex Sowinski: Well I don’t really hate “Giant Steps” anymore. I don’t really hate it. It’s actually a pretty fucking badass song originally

Matty Tavarez: I mean I don’t think any of us really hated the song. I think we hated the performance practice of it. It’s like “Can you play ‘Giant Steps’?” You know what I mean? But it’s actually not that difficult…if you go to music school. It’s stupid that people talk it up.

Alex: I was just being stupid and getting fed up with Jazz school.

Matty Tavarez: Yeah, we were in Jazz school and everybody’s like learning their new triadic elements and shit.

Do you think you’ve gotten a lot more from being out of that conservatory/Jazz school community? 

Alex: Yeah, one hundred percent, definitely. We’ve learned a thousand times more from being out of school for the last year and a half.

Chester Hansen: It’s just such a small part of music that you focus on in school and once you branch out into other things you realize how much more there is.

Did you guys get shit for the kind of Jazz you were playing from your professors? 

Alex: I mean the funny thing is, when we were in school we weren’t really playing stuff like that. It was literally like goofing around and jamming. The only time we played it for our professors was the one assignment we did with [Chester] basically, which, yeah, we got shit for.

Matty: It wasn’t like we were the dudes around town. It was more just us goofing around in our free time.

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Earth Day Promises Killer Musical Lineup feat. BADBADNOTGOOD

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014
Another Garrett Lloyd Evans design.  Kid is killing it.

Another Garrett Lloyd Evans design. Kid is killing it.

Skidmore’s annual Earth Day Festival brings together various clubs around campus to provide family-friendly “earth-centered activities” for the campus community to enjoy.  We already know about a clothing swap, an afternoon hike, free food, and a petting zoo featuring Lil’ Sebastian.  But best of all, WSPN and SEC team up to provide a killer lineup of bands to keep us entertained all day.  Check out the run down and get ready for what’s shaping up to be the best Earth Day Festival yet.


This Toronto-based trio has backed up Frank Ocean at Coachella 2012, performed live with Earl Sweatshirt & Tyler, the Creator, and has produced music for the RZA, Earl, and James Blake.  They’ve also been the most exciting thing happening in jazz for the last few years.  They combine hip hop, traditional jazz, and other elements in an exciting and modern way and put on shows that will make you ruckus.

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Skidmore’s 2nd Intercollegiate Quidditch Tournament Is This Weekend, Here’s Why You Should Care:

Friday, March 28th, 2014

This weekend at Skidmore, a sporting event is being held that many people don’t know about. The newly named squad, The Skidmore “Manticores,” will be hosting the first ever “Man-Eaters Cup,” a Quidditch tournament. Ten teams, including Skidmore, will be in attendance and it’s guaranteed to be one of the biggest tournaments the region has ever held. For many reasons, Quidditch has not latched on at Skidmore as it has at other schools. Many people don’t know that the top teams in the nation are Texas A&M, LSU, BU, Baylor, and other Division I sports schools. When a school has top tier athletes, an athletic program second to none, and a massive student body, they wind up with some of the best Quidditch teams in the nation. But at Skidmore, the majority of our players are pint sized, we couldn’t compete with the ex-D1 football players from the University of Texas. Though this team has heart, and skill; the Manticore’s came in second last year at the University of Vermont Tournament, first at Vassar, and runner-up to RPI last October in the “Battle of Saratoga.”

So, why should people care about Quidditch? At face value it’s nerds on brooms running around looking like idiots. It’s a sport for people who can’t play real sports; people who have trouble making friends; people who don’t fit in. Right? Well, no, and if this is what you think about Quidditch you couldn’t be more wrong. The Manticore’s currently field three ex-high school football players, a plethora of former Soccer players, the starting catcher for Skidmore’s own Softball team, and exchange students from three different countries. If you truly believe only nerds play Quidditch, I dare you to look at the 6’5, 240 pound Keeper from Emerson in the eye and tell him that. Everyone has a place on the island of misfit toys, not just Quidditch players.

Whatever sport you played in high school and before, I promise Quidditch encompasses the same element. It’s a wild, wacky, full contact sport, which attracts athletes from all corners of the sporting world. There is throwing, catching, dunking, charging, kicking, tackling, wrapping, and blocking. The majority of whom join, never look back. Quidditch is a full contact, co-ed sport, challenging anyone notion that girls can’t play contact sports. The women on Skidmore’s Quidditch team are fiery, hard-nosed players who are never afraid to throw their bodies against an opposing player. Once people work up the courage to play they always come back. Why? Because we love Quidditch. Skidmore Quidditch has become a family: a tight knit group of friends who could not be more different except for our love of this crazy sport. Ask any rookie and they’ll tell you that once you join Quidditch, you feel like a family.

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I Dare You To Search “Miley, Skidmore” On Twitter

Friday, March 28th, 2014
Her Campus Twitter

You are right, Her Campus Twitter

Let’s take a little tour of the last 30 hours in the life of Professor Carolyn Chernoff’s summer course.

First off, who could have anticipated the borderline-viral craze that would follow this twitpic, an image of a poster publicizing a Miley Cyrus-based sociology course offered this summer. I thought it was a little odd that Complex cared to post about it, though maybe it was more fitting that Buzzfeed gave it their trademark stream-of-captioned-photos treatment, but in the past 24 hours corporate, nationwide publications have picked up the story and are running with it.

Notable would be an ABC News story featuring an interview with Professor Chernoff, in which she explains the legitimacy of her course and delves a little deeper into its overall themes. She also assures ABC that at Skidmore “Creative Thought Matters,” so everyone was pretty psyched about the prospect of her teaching a course that centers around one of America’s most provocative and divisive pop stars. We are also a college that currently offers a class on HBO’s The Wire, a rampantly violent show that arguably glorifies drug dealers and murderers (as well as critiquing various themes, practices, and institutions that govern and often corrupt our society, of course). There’s also an intercollegiate Quidditch tournament happening this weekend on campus. So I guess nobody at Skidmore thought it was THAT out of the ordinary. And to be honest, it isn’t.

In a longer, thorough piece, Time writes about the various other classes offered at prestigious institutions centered around pop cultural icons. They site the Rutgers course “Politicizing Beyonce” that Buzzfeed had linked to, but then go beyond that, looking at author and scholar Michael Eric Dyson’s course at Georgetown University, “Sociology of Hip Hop: Jay Z.” But perhaps the most fitting comparison they find is a 1997 class offered at The University of Amsterdam that focused strictly on Madonna. There’s even a great 1997 on-sight MSNBC video that frames the progressive absurdity of a Madonna studies course alongside the orderly logic of Amsterdam’s bike-over-cars preference and sustainable farm systems. Several other publications have been and will undoubtedly continue to write about this course in the next couple weeks. Pop cultural critic Lily Rothman, of Time, understands the rationale of teaching a class like this right now, with utter accessibility of primary documents. Her argument: “Primary sources — material produced by the person being studied or in the time period under consideration, rather than by someone thinking about the subject later — are a cornerstone of good academic practice.” It makes sense.

A class on Miley Cyrus shouldn’t be that shocking, I don’t think, but a lot of people beg to differ. Even Perez Hilton has something to say about it, mostly just “Get the fuq out! HA! That’s AH-Mazing!”

Twitter’s rapidly unraveling with a thread of opinions on our summer course. Here are a few choice tweets: 

Complex Magazine Wants To Take Our Miley Cyrus Summer Course

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014
Yeah, this happened.

Yeah, this happened.

Out of all the ways that Skidmore can gain some notoriety, a summer sociology course focusing on Miley Cyrus is what put us in the headlines this time. Complex Magazine, the powerhouse Hip Hop media company that singlehandedly determines what twenty-something hypebeasts care about, posted the article above today. The article pulls from a picture Nevon Kipperman ’16 posted on Twitter four days ago of the recent posters put up to publicize the class. It’s called “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender, and Media” and it’s taught by Carolyn Chernoff.

The class is offered during the first summer session on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (at leasts I’m pretty sure that’s what T/W/R means) from 1- 3:30pm. The class basically uses Miley Cyrus’s rise to fame as a sociological case study for how women are represented in the media. The course spans from Disney Princesses to queerness, bisexuality, and the female body. You could maybe be Internet famous if you take that class.

This isn’t the first time Skidmore’s campus has discussed the Twerk Queen’s music, back in October ethnomusicologist Deborah Wong delivered a lecture entitled “The Summer of 2013: White Heterosexist Performance and the Critical Consumer (or, What Was Miley Cyrus Thinking?).” It was in Zankel. So people in Zankel were talking seriously about Miley Cyrus. Who says that place is classy as fuck?

Can’t wait to see the spike in our application rate next year due to Skidmore’s utmost support of Miley-based academia. The future looks bleak.

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Weekend Distractions CXIX

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

5:30pm- “Climate Frenzy and the Constitution,” F. William Harder Endowed Lecture @ Gannett Auditorium
7:00pm- Romeo and Juliet Auditions @ Studio B in JKB (fbook)
8:00pm- Music of Indonesia @ Zankel
8:00pm- Porches. and Mugsy Boges @ Falstaffs (fbook)

2:30pm- Skidmore 2025: Building The College’s Next Strategic Plan @ DHall & Case Center (fbook)
8:00pm- Hannah Emery’s Senior Clarinet Recital @ Zankel (fbook)

5:30pm- Emily and Desmond’s Shared Recital @ Filene (fbook)
8:00pm- Emma Goldberg Liu’s Senior Voice Recital @ Zankel (fbook)
8:00pm- International Culture Show (Pangaea) @ Filene Hall (fbook)
9:00pm- Hip Hop Alliance Presents Black Ken and the Goldsmith & Sime Geezus @ Falstaffs (fbook)

2:00pm- Will Kencel’s Senior Music Recital @ Zankel (fbook)
7:00pm- Danny Pravder – A Sophomore Recital @ Zankel (fbook)

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Rubblebucket Tickets On Sale

Monday, March 17th, 2014

If you haven’t heard already, Rubblebucket is making their Skidmore return April 18 at the Zankel Music Center.  If you have heard, then you’ve likely been scrambling trying to find tickets before they sell out.  Fear not!  We’ve got the hookup.  Click on the link below to buy your tickets online, or take a nice walk over to Zankel and buy them in person.

Buy your Rubblebucket tickets here!

Zankel Box Office Hours:
Mon. thru Fri. 1:00pm – 5:00pm
One hour before scheduled shows

We’ve also heard whispers that a student employee of Zankel can sell you tickets from his/her iPhone.  More news on that soon.

Rubblebucket Is Coming to Zankel April 18

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Yes, you read that title correctly.  Rubblebucket is making their return to Skidmore and in a spectacular fashion.  If you haven’t heard the lore surrounding the band’s relationship to the college, let me regale you.  They overcrowded Falstaffs (forcing a shut down), played an incredible dance-inducing two hour set, and forever endeared themselves in the hearts of the Skidmore community.

The septet, originally forming while students at the University of Vermont, returns in style and will absolutely kill it in the Arthur Zankel Music Center’s Helen Filene Ladd Recital Hall.  Trust me; this is one show you don’t want to miss.  Bring your dancing shoes.

Check them out on Facebook!

Watch some music videos!

And seriously….get pumped.  This is gonna be HUUUUGE!!!

When: Friday, April 18 @ 8:00pm
Where: Helen Filene Ladd Recital Hall @Arthur Zankel Music Center
Tickets: $5 for the Skidmore community, $10 for the general public

Skidmore Spur Available in Case Center

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Naked People, Man.

The Skidmore Photography Club decided to take a new approach to the Skidmore Spur this year. What’s usually a calendar featuring Skidmore clubs tastefully in the nude is now an artfully done magazine–still featuring Skidmore clubs tastefully in the nude…except Circus Club, their photo spread and poses are utterly raunchy. The Spur features around 15 clubs, including The Outing Club (Skidmore’s most butt naked-friendly club on campus) Bare, EAC, Chess Club, Sonneteers, and more. The Photography Club hopes to include all campus clubs in the future. It’s available for purchase on the second floor of Case Center for 10 dollars, SkidCard accepted.