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North Woods Halloween Haunt

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
I believe the term is "spoopy."

I believe the term is “spoopy.”

Tomorrow night, Sustainable Skidmore will kick-off Skidmore Unplugged (which you might know as the event that spawned this beautiful creation) by hosting the North Woods Halloween Haunt. Not to be confused with the Northwoods Halloween Hunt, of course, which will take place this weekend and will consist of campo combing through every apartment unit on campus, missing the golden days of just busting people at Moorebid.

This guided tour of the “possibly haunted” North Woods will begin at 8:00pm at the Falstaff’s entrance to the woods, which is appropriate, given the fact that most of your scariest experiences in your time at Skidmore have probably taken place at Falstaff’s.

The tour is sure to feature many creatures that haunt your nightmares, such as ghost, goblins, and that email from Sam Harris detailing the new smoking policies. So take a spooky study break and bring your friend. Or come alone if you don’t have any of those think you can handle it.

Skidmore Unplugged PSAs

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Behold! Paul Emile’s gargantuan erection!

Skidmore Unplugged has produced a series of PSAs pushing energy conservation on campus. Most of them are actually pretty decent and effective, so check them out here and here. They’ve also got a survey that they want you to fill out here.

(via YouTube, Vimeo)

Free Burritos For The Environmentally Conscious

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

(Not an actual burrito)

So as y’all may or may not remember, Skidmore Unplugged is ongoing during the month of February. To help promote the event, we just received an email informing us of a great free food opportunity for people who know their shit about the environment.*

Starting tomorrow until the end of Skidmore Unplugged, the guys who run the Facebook event will be posting some “eco-related trivia.” First person to get it right wins a coupon for a free Chipotle burrito.

Check out the Facebook page here.


Skidmore Unplugged Begins Nov. 1st

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Skidmore Unplugged, the annual electricity reduction competition between the residence halls, begins tomorrow and runs until Nov. 21st. The dorm that has the greatest cumulative percent reduction in electricity usage after 21 days wins a bunch of free stuff.

Skidmore Unplugged started in the Fall of 2008 when Facilities and Services installed these nifty electricity meters on each dorm. These meters send consumption information to the Skidmore Unplugged Dashboard where students can view how much electricity their hall has consumed so far in the current day as well as how much electricity their hall consumed the day before. The dashboard looks pretty cool this year, feel free to spend the next 8 minutes or so clicking around and watching the numbers change.

After 21 days the winning dorm gets their name engraved on the illustrious Skidmore Unplugged Trophy displayed in Case Center, a free catered dinner from Chipotle and each resident will be entered into a raffle for gift cards from Uncommon Grounds, Esperanto’s, Putnam Market, The Skid Shop, and Sushi Thai. This is the part of the article where I could disparage you guys for needing material incentive to help save the environment but I won’t.

Last year McClellan Hall won with an impressive 12% reduction in electricity consumption. For more information visit the Skidmore Unplugged site or thefacebook.

Skidmore Unplugged 2009

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

From October 24th-November 14th, students can compete dorm vs. dorm to try and reduce their electricity consumption by the greatest percentage. Each residence hall is individually metered so students can now see how much electricity each residence hall is using in real time. At the end of the competition the building that most reduced its electricity consumption will win free Chipotle burritos AND the winning hall’s name will be engraved on the Skidmore Unplugged trophy in Case Center. In addition to the trophy and burritos, each student will be entered into a prize raffle. There are twenty prizes up for grabs, which include gift certificates to various downtown restaurants: Circus Café, Old Bryan Inn, Virgils, Saratoga Coffee Traders and Putnam Market.

This year Skidmore Unplugged got a fancy upgrade so you can see how much electricity is being used in real time and compare it to yesterday’s numbers. The new dashboard also allows you to break down the numbers by person and square foot and view consumption in kilowatt hours or lbs of CO2.

Click here to view the Skidmore Unplugged electricity dashboard.