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Skidmore Spur 2012

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Remember when we decided regular calendars were too boring to use to figure out what day it was, and we would only be on top of any date if we had a calendar of pictures of our naked friends? That was my favorite.

This year’s Skidmore Spur calendar is dropping like it’s hot tomorrow! And if you’ve already went from six to midnight you’re able to pre-order your copy online right now.

The calendars will be 10 dollars, and sold at Case Center from tomorrow at noon through the study days. The profits will go towards one of the GoCampaign’s many projects. And for being so patient and reading this terribly long and informational post, here is a reward for you:

If you look closely, there's a guy in this picture.


Skidmore Spur Makes The News

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

The Skidmore Spur found its way onto Local Fox 23 News last night. Nothing new to report really. Some guy says the calendar has a ‘narrow clientele’ which seems a bit weird because common sense would dictate that a inexpensive collection of barely-clothed college kids of both genders would have a fairly large clientele, but maybe I’m missing something.

The Skidmore Spur will be on sale today in Case Center or online here.

Skidmore Spur Returns

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Hey looky, The Skidmore Photography Club’s infamous barely-nude nudie calendar is back for round two. The Skidmore Spur, sales of which raised $2300 last year, is back again with just as many obscured genitals as last year!

Last time, after the puritanical and laughably prudish Make-A-Wish Foundation refused to accept money raised by naked college students, the proceeds from sales of the calendar helped The Giving Circle establish a well in the small Ugandan village of Wairaka. This year’s proceeds will help to fund permanent housing for the HIV-positive children at the Giving Circle’s Wairaka orphanage.

In addition to being good for charitable and humanistic reasons and all that hippy shit the Skidmore Spur is also an incredibly rare and affordable blackmail goldmine. Can you imagine what the tabloids of the future will pay for these somewhat incriminating pictures should one of our peers find themselves in the spotlight? The value as an investment piece is obvious. Being able to sell these photos to TMZ in thirty-five years could be the difference between dying under the crippling weight of student debt and not. And even if the photos never accumulate any value as blackmail, the calendar will doubtless be worth having around the ol’ nursing home as a reminder of a time when all your friends weren’t sagging sacks of liver-spotted skin.

The $10 calendars go on sale Monday Dec. 13th in Case Center and make the perfect gift for Mom, Dad and creepy Uncle Jeff. Pre-order yours today!

more information available on thefacebook

Proceeds From Spur Go To Local Charity

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

After Make-A-Wish declined their support, the Photography Club began considering other charities and after much deliberation decided to offer all of the proceeds from the Skidmore Spur to The Giving Circle. Giving Circle has a long standing relationship with the college and apparently isn’t terrified senseless by the possibility of controversy the way Make-A-Wish was.

Prudes At Make-A-Wish Reject Charity, Possibly Crazy

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
Skidmore Spur On NBC Local News

It seems that despite Skidmore’s best efforts, wishes will go unanswered this holiday season. In a surprisingly priggish move, the upstanding citizens1 at Make-A-Wish foundation have rejected the Skidmore Photography Club’s donation of the profits from the Skidmore Spur Calendar, explaining that it would be “inappropriate” for them to accept the contribution.

The calendar, which features semi-nude Skidmore students in barely risque poses, was expected to raise as much as 5,000 dollars. The Photography Club is already looking for a replacement charity—one that will hopefully be more interested in helping people than pretending genitals don’t exist.

Just a word of advice for the Make-A-Wish Foundation: if a bunch of college students want to give you a bunch of money you should accept, even if they showed some pubic hair to get it.

1Dear Old People, I’m using this in the most pejorative sense.