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Mugsy Boges Thrashes First, Asks Questions Later

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014


Skidmore’s resident math/punk/emo quartet Mugsy Boges has been rocking Falstaffs and beyond since their arrival to campus three and a half years ago.  Today they released their third offering.  The two tracks, “Good Liver” and “Blur,” rock harder than ever thanks to the addition of Grady Stiles drummer Francis (he’s like Prince – just one name).  The credits section on Bandcamp tell me they worked with Skidmore recording schlub Dave Jonze again, and he dialed in their sounds perfectly.

Here’s what the band had to say:

“We are releasing these two songs together as a tribute to how, and where, we’ve been living the past year. After a few line up changes we found our new drummer, Francis, who really brought them together and we feel more solid than ever. We wanted to share these songs, Good Liver / Blur with everyone that’s supported us from the start and give insight into the new era of Mugsy Boges. Thanks!”


Listen to the new tracks here!

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MaryLeigh Roohan Releases Album, Plays Show, Kicks Ass

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013


MaryLeigh killing it with the seafoam green guitar!

I first met Saratoga native and Skidmore alumna MaryLeigh Roohan ’13 three years ago as a bright-eyed freshman when one of my “friends,” a senior girl who bought my friends and me booze every week, tried to work for a time as an artist manager and promoter.  She dragged me out to the Parting Glass over on Lake Ave to catch one of MaryLeigh’s sets with her band at the time, The Fauves.  I don’t remember being particularly impressed.  Sure, even then she belted killer vocals and played guitar pretty well, but her songs and arrangements never stuck with me.  We shook hands briefly after her set, and she walked away and out of my musical life for two years.

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Los Elk Premieres First Music Video

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Skidmore’s IndieDanceRock princes Los Elk emerged from hibernation today and released their first ever music video!  Gosh, they grow up so fast.  I remember their first performance at an open mic night when they made all the freshmen put their hands on their heads like elk antlers.  So cute!

Directed by Jake DeNicola ’15, the video brings the band and friends to the countryside for some adorable performance shots and great filler of friends and adults becoming attracted to the Elkies’ music.  The song, “Bound to Make You Dance” comes off of the first of their twin Eps, both recorded by our on-campus, in-house production guru David Slitzky ’14.  I hear the second one is days away and that they’ll be celebrating with their first performance of the semester this weekend.  I’ll be there, and you should be too.

Skidmore Music Scene Tumblr Explores Skidmore Music Scene

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

This weekend, we discovered Skidmore Music Scene—a nifty Tumblr started by some people interested in documenting student music here at Skidmore. The site is relatively new and well-maintained, and offers a pretty detailed and comprehensive list of all the student bands on campus, as well as upcoming events and releases.

Maybe I’m not cool enough or whatever, but I had no idea some of these acts existed. Take, for example, beatmaker Beta (Danny Goliger ’15), whose Band Camp features some really solid tracks. This shit is awesome, so thanks Skidmore Music Scene.