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Rally to Restore Your Sense of Citizenship

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Professor of Psychology Sheldon Solomon at a recent Admissions open house

You know what you should be doing right now instead of reading this sentence? Exercising your right as a citizen to shape the political climate of your nation.

The campus polling place is in the ICC and you should go vote there or convince other people to go vote there. Why? Because chances are that at some point over the next several years your going to get caught up in some sort of political argument and if you didn’t vote you don’t get to say shit. Washington is full of people who don’t get anything done. It doesn’t need to start with us.

If you’re so mind-boggingly politically disaffected that you won’t even vote in a national election or if you think you’re ‘too cool’ please read a book. You are not subverting democracy. You are not a conscientious objector. You are a lazy person with a dictionary and misunderstanding of your obligations as an American citizen.


What Are You Doing At 7:20 on Monday Morning

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Because I’m going to see former President, Arkansas golden boy, National debt eradicator and blowjob hero Bill Clinton speak at the Hall of Springs.

Just minutes ago SGA President Alexandra Stark’ 11 graced our inboxes with the news that Clinton will be in town campaigning with Congressman Scott Murphy at the Hall of Springs in SPAC on Monday, November 1st.

You should probably check your email and reserve your ticket right now because this is the most exciting thing to happen to Skidmore students since the second Animal Collective album came out.