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Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

What’s up daddies and children of daddies. Have you ever read The New York Times and thought, “Okay, but I wish this pertained to me specifically.”
Well look no further, dear and valued reader. It’s us, your past, present, and future favorite news source: Skidmore Unofficial. Due to a brief hiatus, you are either too senile to remember us or too young to know who we are. Our noble mission is to bring you, the skidmore student, the fun, sexy scoop on everything (and we mean everything) going on on and near our beautiful, fugly campus. This coverage is including but not limited to: concerts, club performances, speakers, open mics, comedy, campus events, sporting events, and whatever else we think you delicious skanks desperately need to know about. We pledge to maintain the highest journalistic and moral integrity while reserving the right to goof. Read to keep up with campus goings-ons, read to tell your friends that you read something today, or read because we seem like we might secretly be cute and you want to have a talking point if you ever meet us around campus.

Skidmore Student Arrested After Breaking Into Building to Escape Cold

Monday, February 4th, 2013

The Saratogian is reporting that Skidmore student, Peter McColough ’15, was arrested early Friday morning, after smashing the window of a business on Congress Street to escape the cold. McColough was described as “highly intoxicated.” He was charged with fourth-degree criminal mischief, a misdemeanor.

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Nominate Your Haunted House for The Saratogian

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

We’re ready to believe you

In keeping with seasonal fun, The Saratogian is holding a contest calling for “the most haunted houses in Saratoga Springs and the immediate area.” Houses will be photographed and featured in an upcoming article.

I’d like to nominate 11 Cane D in Northwoods, because there’s a lot of scary shit going down in this house on a daily basis. Our couch will often eat phones, iPods, and remotes and—never being satiated—will continue to gorge itself on things in our pockets. Late at night, I can hear Dave Matthews and Will Ferrell movies coming through the walls, and sometimes, for absolutely no reason, we wake up to no hot water. SPOOKY.

Contact Chelsea “Freddy” Kruger to nominate a house for the spread.

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Late Night Stabbing Suspect Still at Large

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Those of you who were Downtown on Saturday night probably noticed an inordinate number of cop cars on Caroline Street. Well, it turns out the commotion was due to a stabbing that occurred on Broadway, after two groups of men were ejected from Paddock Lounge for fighting.

The Saratogian reports:

“Police believe the altercation began between two groups of males at about 1:20 a.m. inside the Paddock Lounge at 6 Caroline St. Lounge employees removed bar patrons from the establishment, but the altercation continued on the street outside the bar and moved to the west side of Broadway, where the stabbing occurred.
“The suspect is described by police as a 20- to 30-year-old Hispanic male about 6 feet tall with short, dark hair. Police said he was wearing a gray thermal long-sleeved shirt and jeans. He was last seen running from the scene with several other males toward Church Street.”

Those with information or knowledge of the suspect are encouraged to contact police at (518) 584-1800 or anonymously at (518) 584-TIPS (8477).

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Family of Alexander Grant Drops Lawsuit

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

The Saratogian is reporting that the family of Alexander Grant has dropped their $5 million lawsuit against the people they claimed were involved with his death. The lawsuit named nine defendants, eight of whom were Skidmore students when it was filed last spring.

In a statement released through their lawyer, the Grants expressed regret at the steps taken in filing suit. They are now offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of any individuals who may have been responsible for Grant’s death.

“After speaking with most of the parties, as well as their families, we have discontinued the lawsuit in its entirety,” they said. “There is a strong possibility that key elements of the tragedy have yet to be brought to light. We believe we have a grave obligation to do everything in our power to determine the causes of his death, and will continue to seek information until we are satisfied that all relevant facts are in our possession.”

Grant’s parents have asked anyone with information about their son’s death to call 1-877-216-9588 or go to Requests for anonymity will be honored.

Skidmore Unofficial’s previous coverage of the Alexander Grant tragedy

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Saratogian: How Skidmore Changed Saratoga Springs

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

In the olden days, Skidmore students had to walk all the way across Spring Street to get drugs

Listen up, history nerds: there is an article in today’s Saratogian that will make you think and nod thoughtfully. Written by Samantha Bosshart, executive director of the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation, the article outlines the importance of Skidmore in the formation of the modern Saratoga cityscape, focusing on the old Downtown campus, which was situated around the eastern end of Congress Park.

In 1903, Lucy Scribner purchased the above property, naming it Skidmore Hall, and founded the Young Women’s Industrial Club, which taught women the necessary skills to support themselves in the Saratoga off-season, when the track, hotels, and casinos were closed. In 1911, the YWIC changed its name to the Skidmore School of the Arts and began offering a wider breadth of courses.

Most of the original buildings that were part of the Downtown campus are still standing. Skidmore Hall, for example, has been converted into condominiums. These are perfect for people who want to pay $1,400 a month to live in an old dormitory. It’s all the fun of living in a studio apartment in New York City…but in Saratoga!

The whole article is pretty interesting, unveiling a little-known history that says a lot about the town as a whole. Bosshart asks a pressing question: what would Downtown Saratoga look like if calculator tycoon J. Erik Jonsson hadn’t donated the 650-acre parcel of land for the current campus?

Of this much we can be sure: students would be all over the area east of Congress Park, living in residences and heading to classes in buildings located on Circular Street, Regent Street, Union Avenue and other streets in the area.

Oh, the horror of that which could have been!

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Funding for Downtown Movie Theater Approved

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Movie Magic


Earlier this week, county officials approved preliminary plans to build an 11-screen movie theater at Church St. and Railroad Place, the vacant lot where the proud, noble Ghetto Chopper (RIP) once stood. This caused everyone who schlepped all the way out to Wilton for the midnight showing of The Avengers in the pouring rain to fist-pump in excitement.

The Times-Union reports that local developer Sonny Bonacio (who was named “Executive of the Month” by Success magazine in February 2007 and—let’s be real—has a name ripped straight out of The Sopranos) was granted $956,653 in tax breaks by the Saratoga County Industrial Development Agency.*

Advocates argue that the $18 million, 24,000-square-foot theater could greatly benefit the Downtown economy, bringing more people to Saratoga and expanding the city’s tax base. However, a quick glance at the commentary on the Saratogian and Times-Union articles reveals that many are opposed to the project on anti-spending grounds.

Construction is expected to begin later this fall, to be completed by spring 2013. Bear in mind, this is only the first step, and though Bonacio has yet to contract a theater operator, the fact that he’s been able to clear all this bureaucratic red tape so early is pretty impressive.

Just so long as he doesn’t try to swindle the city out of millions, like a certain silver-tongued monorail salesman.

*There are a lot of ins and outs with this deal, but tax law is complicated and boring, so if you really want to know the details, check out the Times-Union article.
(Via the Saratogian and the Times-Union)

Skidmore Student Charged With Sexual Abuse

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

The Saratogian is reporting that Skidmore student Ajibu Timbo, 22, has been arrested and charged with sexual abuse, after he allegedly cornered a female maintenance worker in a men’s bathroom and forcibly fondled her on Tuesday night. Timbo was arrested shortly after the incident, and is being held in Saratoga County Jail on bail.

Dan Forbush, Skidmore’s executive director of communications, released a statement, emphasizing that there is no security risk on campus, and that the School is “deeply concerned about the allegations that have surfaced and respect the internal and external processes that must follow to resolve them.”

Last week, Timbo was listed on the Skidmore website as a resident assistant, but this information has been removed since his arrest.

(Via the Saratogian)

Family of Alexander Grant Sues

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

The parents of Alexander Grant have filed suit against those they claim are responsible for their son’s death. The lawsuit, which was filed in Saratoga County Court last week and obtained by the Saratogian, cites the fact that Grant was underage and names nine of his peers who provided him with alcohol. The suit also alleges “wrongful death,” and repeatedly emphasizes that all of the defendants knew that Grant was under-21 at the time.

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4/20 is Nigh

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

"Skidmore College students partake in smoking with a homemade contraption made up of two triple-filtration water-pipes, named Octavius S. Octopus II during Monday's 420 celebration on the Skidmore campus" -Saratogian

This Friday is 4/20.
I hope everyone saw Ms. Calhoun’s email where she reiterated the administrations position.  Just know that campus safety will not treat this day differently. If you choose to indulge, do not do it in public.

Some of you may remember the 2009 4/20 fiasco, which caused a huge outrage in Saratoga and led to Skidmore landing at #2 on Princeton Review’s Reefer Madness List. It’s probably the highest we’ve ever placed on one of those lists but it seems unearned. There’s no way we should be edging out Boulder, Green Mountain or Hampshire.

So hang out and enjoy the day but keep the giant bong octopus out of sight.