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Lively Lucy’s Presents: Kitten Forever & Eskimo Sister

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014
They'll fuck you uuuup.

They’ll fuck you uuuup.

Minnesota-based riot grrrl trio Kitten Forever will be filling the punk-shaped hole that exists in all of our hearts when they grace the near-collapsing Falstaff’s stage Thursday night. Joined by Skidmore’s very own angels of tweemo slacker Eskimo Sister, Kitten Forever are sure to show you that all the music you listen to is actually mega-lame and just another product of the patriarchal mainstream machine.

Show starts at 8:00pm. Don’t be a scrub and just show up for one band. Support Eskimo Sister. Support Lively Lucy’s. And definitely support Kitten Forever, because they’re coming from like a million miles away and will probably have some merch you can buy so they can afford jackets (it gets fucking coooold in MI).