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Skidmore Extends Suspension of Student Accused of Sexual Assault

Thursday, March 26th, 2015
Photo credit: Simon Klein.

Photo credit: Simon Klein.

Following a hearing on March 13th, the administration has denied the readmission request of a student suspended for drugging and raping another student, Reina Kiefer.

The student’s suspension has been extended for another two years—until spring of 2017—at which time he will he eligible for another hearing regarding readmission in the fall of 2017 (at which point Kiefer will have graduated).

“Although the decision feels incomplete, it is certainly a victory,” Kiefer wrote regarding the ruling.

Skidmore’s decision to extend the student’s extension follows an organized protest of more than 100 students, as well as an online petition created by a group of alumni. The petition, which as of now has over 1300 signatures, calls for a change in Skidmore’s policy that would expel students found guilty of sexual assault.

Alumni Create Online Petition to Change Policy on Readmission

Friday, March 20th, 2015
You can't ignore the post-it's.

You can’t ignore the Post-it’s.

A group of Skidmore alumni have started an online petition on Change.org to send a message to the administration that “Skidmore College must change its policy on readmittance of those found to have committed sexual assault.” They go on to say that “[w]here the College has made a finding that a student has committed sexual assault, the penalty should be expulsion.” Click to continue »

Protest Against Readmission Hearing Scheduled for March 13th

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

The hand says it all.

With over 1300 people invited on Facebook and YikYak buzz aplenty, you’ve likely heard about the Readmission Hearing Protest by now, but just in case, you haven’t, here it goes…

On Friday, March 13th, at 2:00pm, the school will holding a hearing for the readmission of a student convicted of three violations of Skidmore’s Sexual Misconduct Policy (who had thereby been suspended from campus for a year), which both the student in question and his victim will be attending. As a response to the hearing–in addition to the perpetrator’s violation of his sanctions when he visited campus last weekend–the victim is holding a peaceful and silent protest that same day at 1:00pm, right before the hearing begins, in the space right outside Gannett. Click to continue »

New Information on Last Week’s Reported Rape

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Last Wednesday, Campus Safety sent out a notice informing the Skidmore community of a rape reported by a female student on campus. While a fuller picture has emerged, details remain somewhat scanty.

According to director of Campus Safety Dennis Conway, the victim does not wish to be identified. Campus Safety has not interviewed the victim, nor has she indicated any desire to pursue a criminal investigation.

The Saratogian reports:

The victim has been working with a sexual assault adviser, according to Conway. He said there are a number of people on campus, both counselors and other professionals, who are trained in that capacity.
The adviser will discuss the victim’s options and encourage him or her to seek medical treatment. The adviser also acted as a third-party bridge between Campus Safety and the victim, relaying the email to the victim to look over and make any changes before it was sent out to the campus.
“We don’t want the first time they see it to be when it comes out in an email (to the campus),” Conway said.

It would seem that Conway’s department is completely in the dark, with the victim declining to reveal any information beyond the fact that a rape was, indeed, perpetrated.

(via The Saratogian)

Sign This Petition Calling for More Information About Sept. 1 Rape

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

On the morning of September 1, a woman was viciously raped while walking down East Avenue. It took over two weeks for a Saratoga Springs Police spokesman to even confirm that the rape had occurred, and over a month for the police to release any details or a description of the suspect. Lt. John Catone defended the silence from the police as “striking that balance between notifying the public and creating chaos.”

I’m not exactly sure how releasing a basic description of a rape suspect constitutes “creating chaos,” but a few days ago, Police Chief Chris Cole (perhaps best known for sending pictures of his dick to some lady) stood by his decision to not issue a press release, citing vague, bullshit reasons like “undue concern,” “the safety of the general public,” and “jeopardizing the investigation.”  Never mind the fact that it’s been two months and the case has hit a dead end.

In any event, a group of area women have started an online petition calling for the release of more information. The page went online yesterday and it has already garnered around 220 signatures, and I urge you to sign it. As of this afternoon, Chief Cole has released a semi, sorta mea culpa, saying that “it may have been appropriate to release a general statement regarding the incident,” but still, no information of any significance has been released.

At best, this entire incident can be attributed to an utter lapse of competence on the part of the police. At worst, it reveals a malicious intent to keep the public in the dark. As members of the Saratoga community, we all have a right to know the facts. Sign the petition here.

(via Change.org)