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Skidmore’s 2nd Intercollegiate Quidditch Tournament Is This Weekend, Here’s Why You Should Care:

Friday, March 28th, 2014

This weekend at Skidmore, a sporting event is being held that many people don’t know about. The newly named squad, The Skidmore “Manticores,” will be hosting the first ever “Man-Eaters Cup,” a Quidditch tournament. Ten teams, including Skidmore, will be in attendance and it’s guaranteed to be one of the biggest tournaments the region has ever held. For many reasons, Quidditch has not latched on at Skidmore as it has at other schools. Many people don’t know that the top teams in the nation are Texas A&M, LSU, BU, Baylor, and other Division I sports schools. When a school has top tier athletes, an athletic program second to none, and a massive student body, they wind up with some of the best Quidditch teams in the nation. But at Skidmore, the majority of our players are pint sized, we couldn’t compete with the ex-D1 football players from the University of Texas. Though this team has heart, and skill; the Manticore’s came in second last year at the University of Vermont Tournament, first at Vassar, and runner-up to RPI last October in the “Battle of Saratoga.”

So, why should people care about Quidditch? At face value it’s nerds on brooms running around looking like idiots. It’s a sport for people who can’t play real sports; people who have trouble making friends; people who don’t fit in. Right? Well, no, and if this is what you think about Quidditch you couldn’t be more wrong. The Manticore’s currently field three ex-high school football players, a plethora of former Soccer players, the starting catcher for Skidmore’s own Softball team, and exchange students from three different countries. If you truly believe only nerds play Quidditch, I dare you to look at the 6’5, 240 pound Keeper from Emerson in the eye and tell him that. Everyone has a place on the island of misfit toys, not just Quidditch players.

Whatever sport you played in high school and before, I promise Quidditch encompasses the same element. It’s a wild, wacky, full contact sport, which attracts athletes from all corners of the sporting world. There is throwing, catching, dunking, charging, kicking, tackling, wrapping, and blocking. The majority of whom join, never look back. Quidditch is a full contact, co-ed sport, challenging anyone notion that girls can’t play contact sports. The women on Skidmore’s Quidditch team are fiery, hard-nosed players who are never afraid to throw their bodies against an opposing player. Once people work up the courage to play they always come back. Why? Because we love Quidditch. Skidmore Quidditch has become a family: a tight knit group of friends who could not be more different except for our love of this crazy sport. Ask any rookie and they’ll tell you that once you join Quidditch, you feel like a family.

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Weekend Distractions CXX

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

5:30pm- Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the Digital Age, 2001-2012 @ Schtick Gallery
6:30pm- Beats For Beets @ Falstaff’s
7:00pm- OSDP Keynote: An Evening With Janet Mock @ Gannett
8:00pm- Jonathan Benbeniste’s Senior Music Recital  @ Zankel
8:00pm- Screening of The Bonsai People @ Spa
8:00pm- Turkuaz w/ The Alan Evans Trio @ Putnam Den

8:00pm- Drastic Measures Benefit Concert @ FileneHall
8:00pm- Spiritual Rez w/ Formula 5 @ Putnam Den
9:30pm- Battle of the Bands (winner plays Earthday) @ Falstaff’s
9:30pm- Awkward Kids Talking: Three AKT play @ Gannett

8:00am- Skidmore Intercollegiate Horse Show @ Van Lennep Riding Center
8:00pm- SEC Presents: Javelin and Hap @ Falstaff’s
8:00pm- The Sirens & Lilting Forward @ The Wilson Chapel

9:00am- Skidmore Manticores Present: The Man-Eaters Cup @ Wachenheim Field

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Skidmore Quidditch Team

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Do it for Fred Wesley

I know, I get it- you’ve read all the books three times, the movies have all come out, and you missed the early Pottermore registration so now you have to wait til early October to find out what house you *really* belong to. Fortunately, there is a new release on campus for all your pent up Harry Potter tension– Skidmore is starting a Quidditch team! The first meeting will be on Sunday October 2 at 2:30 in Bolton 103.

Don’t worry if you’re not athletic! If the best player Hogwarts ever had was a malnourished nerd who lived in a cupboard under some stairs for most of his life, you’ll probably be fine. I’m just kidding I don’t know anything about real sports and the people who emailed me really didn’t give me any information outside of the time and place of the meeting. I’m not even a real witch!!! This broom is made out of plastic! My wand is a twig I found in Northwoods! I do own an owl, but it’s not for what you think it is.

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