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Using The Pulitzer Flop To Your Advantage: A Post For English Majors

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Dearest Senior English Majors (all others need not continue reading),

Perhaps you’ve heard that the Pulitzer committee failed to reach consensus and award a Pulitzer Prize In Fiction this year. Maybe you pay attention to these types of things in order to impress girls with bangs, maybe Mason Stokes mentioned it in class, maybe you read Robert Boyer’s (odd) letter to the editors in yesterday’s NY Times.

Whatever. It happened, and it is going to have a profound effect on you getting a maddeningly competitive and enthusiasm-crushing entry-level job in publishing next year, SO PAY ATTENTION.

With graduation’s idyll-crushing apocalypse looming mere weeks away you’ve all no doubt turned your attention to interviews and Linkedin primping. Good! You’re going to need it. Getting a job is hard and you’re all grossly underqualified and have no place applying alongside the Harvard PhDs that should be getting those jobs.

Worry not though, I am here to help! Here are a few ways to bust into your interviews and use this year’s Pulizter snub to your advantage:

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