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BeatleMore Mania

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Lately, the days have been pretty fucking gray, the nights darker and darker, and it is getting undeniably cold outside. Although all you see is outside is black, there’s sure to be some white. Not to be confused with snow, here white refers to the Beatles’ “White Album,” which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this Saturday, November 22. In the spirit of wild honey pie, Beatlemania, under the alias “Beatlemore Skidmania” (some mash-up of Beatlemania and Skidmore, I think), will be playing this weekend in the “storied” halls of Filene. The acts will feature students, faculty, and maybe some videos of people playing the sitar. Songs will be mostly from the 2-disc White Album. “Beatlemore Skidmania” will be Sunday, November 23 @ 3pm so you can find your way to the show before it gets dark.

But wait, there’s more. The day before, Skidmore has gathered a Beatle-expert panel to discuss the Beatles’ “lasting cultural contributions.” The panel, accompanied by Professor Gordon Thompson, will include Allan Kozinn (New York Times critic and author of The Beatles), Walter Everett (University of Michigan, and author of The Beatles as Musicians), Tim Riley (National Public Radio commentator and author of Tell Me Why: A Beatles Commentary), and Jonathan Gould (author of Can’t Buy Me Love: The Beatles, Britain and America). The panel will assemble on the fateful November 22 @ 1pm.

It Takes A (Do)Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Following in the footsteps of both Mads Vassar and Wesleying, Skidmore Unofficial took some time to snoop around check out which Skidmore professors have been tossing money into the coffers of our national parties. With the integrity of the candidate in mind, campaign donations over two hundred dollars are made public and make for some interesting Sunday afternoon reading/borderline privacy invasion. Huffington Post’s Fundrace ’08 allows you to search campaign contributions by name, address, and employer; and surprise surprise Skidmore professors seem to be pennying up for change. A national search of the occupation “professor” brings up a pretty large—but fairly predictable—discrepancy, with fewer than one million dollars being donated to the Republican Party and close to fourteen million to the DNC.

Bored in the library? Use Fundrace to see which candidates the parents of your friends support (more fun than it looks).

It’s the (NY)Times for Millhauser

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

For those of you who didn’t get to read the Sunday New York Times because you were a) in Montreal, b) don’t know how to read, or c) just didn’t wake up until Monday, you missed out on a great author/book review. Skidmore’s most renowned short story author Steven Millhauser had one of his essays, “The Ambition of the Short Story,” and a biography featured in Sunday’s edition. If you don’t have Millhauser as your Fiction Writing professor, or aren’t familiar with his work, you may recognize him as the writer of the story from which the movie, “The Illusionist,” was based. You may also be impressed to know that he is the recipient of the ’97 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for his novel Martin Dressler.

All things considered, Skidmore has more to offer than cold weather and a spot on the Princeton Review’s “Reefer Madness” list. Millhauser is not teaching any courses this semester, but keep your eye’s out next semester when he may be offering a class on how to write well and be really cool.