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The Skidmore Bandersnatchers Rehearse!

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Tuesday, Skidmore A Cappella group “Bandersnatchers,” rehearsed. It was their fifth rehearsal of the year and their fourth in Zankel Music Center. On the Skidmore College website, the rehearsal was listed as the #5 most important event on campus as it made the website’s front page scheduling plug-in.

A source close to the “Banders,” as they are sometimes referred, informed SkidmoreUnofficial that the rehearsal was relatively productive and included, “Medicated powdering and harmony.” Another source implied that men’s voices could be heard from Room 215, where the scheduling plug-in had said that said rehearsal would take place. “These are guys who like to sing without instruments,” the source noted, “so that men’s voices were coming from the room should surprise no one.”

It is curious, though, that the rehearsal was listed on the website at all, let alone deserving of front page coverage, considering that Bandersnatchers rehearsals are closed to the public. Furthermore, they’re “reportedly” not that fun and mostly focus on singing A Cappella. Skidmore has long maintained an unhealthy, positive relationship with A Cappella and its beloved groups including the Sonneteers, Accents, Dynamics, and Drastic Measures. Oh, and Treblemakers, right.

The Bandersnatchers next rehearsal (also closed to the public), will take place tonight from 7-9 PM at an undisclosed location on or around campus.