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SkidTV’s October Showcase Has Free Pizza

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Tomorrow night, SkidTV will be holding their first in a monthly series of showcases. The event will be a viewing of the projects that many members of the club have been working on, including several sketches and clips from new upcoming TV shows. They will even be premiering a never-before-seen clip from the work-in-progress fourth episode of Sexiled! If that isn’t enough to get you down to the showcase……… they will also have pizza.

I’d also like to quickly remind our readers that if you want to make sketches or shorts or TV shows you are by all means welcome to join SkidTV and use the equipment and creative resources provided there to produce your projects, and then premiere them at the next showcase. SkidTV meets at 9pm on Tuesdays in Media Services.

Tomorrow, Thursday 10/27