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First Open Mic Tonight!

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

This could be you

Lively Lucy’s is kicking off a killer semester tonight with the first open mic of the year. As always, open mic is an all-inclusive event for students to showcase their coffee-shop appropriate talents. Sign-ups are on a first-come-first-serve basis and start at 6:30pm.  The first performer goes on at 7pm.  So grab your guitar, brush up on that one Bonnie Bear song you know, and head to Falstaff’s tonight to bathe in the praise of your peers or embarrass yourself totally (your choice).

Keep a lookout for Lively Lucy’s open mics on the first thursday of the month throughout the year.

By the way, remember when I started by saying Lively Lucy’s is going to have a killer semester? Check out what else is on tap:

Stoked for Folk – 9/11

Rock the Vote (Student Band Showcase) – 9/18

THE ROOKS feat. LOS ELK – 9/20*


We’ll be sure to remind you. If you have any questions or want to know more about Lively Lucy’s contact

*Get ready to fucking dance.

Weekend Distractions CXIV

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

5:30pm- Opening: 2014 Juried Skidmore Student Exhibition @ Schick Art Gallery (fbook)
7:00pm- Men’s Hockey vs. St. Michael’s College @ Hockey Rink
8:00pm- Lively Lucy’s First Open Mic of 2014 @ Falstaffs (fbook)
9:00pm- Free Beer and Dinosaurs @ Olde Saratoga Brewery (fbook)
10:00pm- PULSE! @ Gannett Auditorium (fbook)

7:00pm- 25th Annual National College Comedy Festival @ JKB (fbook)
10:00pm- 25th Annual National College Comedy Festival @ JKB (fbook)
10:00pm- SEC & WSPN Present Psymon Spine & Pooch @ Falstaffs (fbook)

4:00pm- Men’s Hockey vs. Norwich University @ Hockey Rink
7:00pm- 25th Annual National College Comedy Festival @ JKB (fbook)
10:00pm- 25th Annual National College Comedy Festival @ JKB (fbook)
10:00pm- Hip Hop Alliance Presents Student MCs & Sime Gezus aka Pete Pluto @ Falstaffs (fbook)

12:00am- DJs Anonymous Dance Party @ Falstaffs (fbook)

Missing something? Let us know in the comments

Open Mic at Falstaff’s

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

If you’re feeling adventurous or you’re too young to go Downtown, schlep out to Falstaff’s tonight for Open Mic, presented by Lively Lucy’s. There will be loads of talented singer-songwriters, poets, comedians, clowns, breakdancers, magicians, traveling minstrels, Traveling Wilburys, sword swallowers, plate spinners, fire eaters, fabulists, flatulists, and guys fucking around with devil sticks.

Here’s a real-life endorsement from Brandon Dyer:

Last year’s first Open Mic was pretty amazing for me as a little guppy in the Skidmore sea.  Plus, now that I’m a seasoned open mic veteran I’ll be going to check out the incoming freshman talent as well as perform myself.  Come on, don’t be shy.  Even if you suck people will clap because you had the balls to perform.

Can’t argue with that. Go support your peers.

Thursday, September 13 in Falstaff’s @ 8pm

LAST OPEN MIC OF THE YEAR: Tonight at Falstaff’s

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

By Brandon Dyer ’15

Seriously, though. Play this song and you will get laid.

The end times are upon us.  No, not those end times, the end-of-the-year times, which are considerably worse.  I never realized how near we are to the end until I realized that this tonight’s Open Mic Night at Falstaff’s will be the very last of the year.  Yup, the last.  This is your last chance to dedicate “Wonderwall” to that girl in your French class (tacitly or untacitly, your choice) or make everyone in the house nostalgia hardcore with your touching rendition of “Hey There Delilah.”  Oh, so you think Open Mic Night is all about music? Wrong.  You can do whatever you want.  Got some poetry you’ve been writing in lieu of taking notes in that boring as shit physics class?  Come read it!  Fiction?  A nonfiction rant?  Cap it at roughly 5 minutes and you’re all set.  Stand-up comedy?  Go for it, champ.  Any form of entertainment that isn’t pornography is welcome (and let’s be honest, the line between acceptable and pornographic is a tad bit blurry).

Completely untalented or just unprepared?  That’s hardly an excuse not to go.  There’s going to be great entertainment from kids you never knew were actually good at something.  It’s the last of the year; everyone will want to show Skidmore how talented they are before departing for the summer – or perhaps forever…  I’ll be there reading something or some shit, so why not go?

Come on, kick back, and relax at Falstaff’s this tonight, 4/5, at 8PM.  Did I mention it’s the last open mic of the year?


Skidomedy and Lively Lucy’s Comedy Special

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010


Open Mic: 8-10 – Sing a song, read a poem, change the world
Stand Up Comedy: 10 – Featuring sets from Skidmore’s comedy All-stars