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Local Man Who Threatened Obama, Children Receives Jail Time

Monday, October 15th, 2012

The Saratoga Springs man who threatened to take local schoolchildren hostage has received jail time, Saratoga Wire is reporting.

Last spring, Brent Dickinson used a computer at the Saratoga Springs Public Library to make the threats against the children. He also threatened to assassinate President Obama from a computer in the Saesselin Art Building, but that case is being handled by federal authorities.

Dickinson appeared in Saratoga County Court today and was sentenced to 1 to 3 years in prison. He is being treated for an unspecified medical condition, and has been ordered to stay away from all schools in Saratoga County, the Public Library, Skidmore College campus, and all YMCA branches.

(via Saratoga Wire)

Sign Up for SGA Elections and Make a “Difference”

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Could be you someday

The country is slogging neck-deep through Silly Season, so this seems to be as good a time as any to plug SGA.

There’s an optional info meeting for Round 1 Elections tomorrow at 6pm in Ladd 307, followed by a mandatory meeting for all candidates on Friday at 5pm. Self-nominations are due at the SGA office on Friday at 4:30pm. If you’ve been staring woefully at the blank space under “Leadership and Activities” on your resume, then this might be your solution.

I myself am running for Northwoods Senator on the long-dormant Occupy Case Walkway ticket. I’m a successful entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience in the private sector, and I’m committed to getting Skidmore back to work!


Yes, I may be a tireless public servant, but I’m also a churchgoing family man. My loving wife, Babs, and I have taught our three wonderful children, Bucky, Hephzibah, and little Rowley Jr. that traditional values are what first made Skidmore the school it is today. It’s those same values that my own father—a hardscrabble quinoa farmer from the great town of Wilton—taught me as a boy, and it’s those values that will continue to make Skidmore the greatest liberal arts school on the face of the Earth!

[Applause, chants of “SKIDMORE! SKIDMORE! SKIDMORE!”]

Info meeting on Wednesday, September 12 in Ladd 307 @ 6pm
Self-nominations due Friday, September 14 in SGA Office @ 4:30pm
Candidate meeting on Friday, September 14 in Ladd 307 @5pm

Saratoga Man Threatened to Kill Obama From Skidmore Computer

Monday, March 5th, 2012

A longtime Saratoga resident is accused of threatening to assassinate President Obama on the White House website message board. The Times Union reports that Brent G. Dickinson, 33, used a computer in the Saisselin Art Building on February 17  to make the threat. He also used a public computer at the Saratoga Public Library on Friday to write that he would take schoolchildren hostage and kill them.

According to the Saratogian

The Secret Service had reached out to Skidmore Campus Security, which [District Attorney James A. Murphy III] said co-operated with the investigation into the first e-mail. When the second e-mail targeting children was sent, [SSPD Lt. John Catone] said the Secret Service notified the police department, which found him less than 30 minutes later at the Saratoga Springs Public Library.

Dickinson lived at the Gateway Motel on Maple Avenue. He was arrested on Friday and is currently being held in Saratoga County Jail on $50,000 bail, with a grand jury set to hear his case on March 21. Murphy said that the U.S. Attorney’s Office will prosecute Dickinson on the charge related to the threat against President Obama, while his office will handle the second email in which Dickinson threatened children.

Via the Saratogian and the Times Union