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“Wesley Vaughn Is Hanging On,” A Silent Film By Skidmore Grads

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Wesley Vaughn is Hanging On – Episode 1 from Eric Stumpf on Vimeo.

If you’ve been paying attention, Eric Stumpf ’13 has been producing a catalogue of pithy, tight short films steadily since he graduated last year. He produced a short preview of Fun Day last year, the recently released film “Summering,” featuring almost an entire cast of Skidmore grads, and now Wesley Vaughn is Hanging On, starring Paul-Emile Cendron ’13 with Eli Cohen ’13 as writer and assistant director. Stumpf and Cendron have worked together in the past on a piece called “Interrogation Room Scene.” Paul-Emile Cendron also has an IMDb page, FYI.

The short chronicles the writer Wesley Vaughn’s struggle to write. The piece is done rather charmingly, as Cendron performs with a Keaton-esque awareness of physicality and emotion. It’s artful and yet modest in it’s production and direction. It’s also just the start of a series, so look out for more, as well as whatever other projects Stumpf is cooking up.

With the recent addition of a Media and Film Studies Minor at Skidmore: take this as proof, all you young film freaks aspiring to be directors/actors/extras/etc., you can do visually artsy things beyond this campus. You may not get paid for it, but you can still do things.

Oscar-Nominated Shorts @ Film Forum

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

I watch the Academy Awards every year. For hours, I sit through all the self-congratulatory bullshit and excruciating banter and Revlon ads and unfunny jokes, just so I can yell at the TV when The Artist (arguably the most overrated movie ever made) sweeps the big categories, while Moneyball and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy get royally shafted. I fucking hate the Oscars and everything they stand for, but I also kind of love them.

If you feel the same way, then you might want to check out the Film Forum this weekend. Do you like live-action short films? Do you like animated short films? Do you like short documentaries? Well, they’re going to be showing all short subject nominees on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Here’s the full schedule.

You can watch one of the animated nominees above. It’s a charming and wonderful Simpsons short called  The Longest Daycare and it should be reason enough to consider buying a ticket to this thing.

Animated Shorts: Thursday February 21, 7:30pm
Live-Action Shorts: Friday February 22, 7:30pm
Documentary Shorts: Sunday February 24, 3pm
@ Film Forum

(via Film Forum)

Late Afternoon Limbo Movies

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

If you’re like me you often find yourself in a weird late afternoon limbo period between the day’s chores and the night’s drinking. This can be very distressing but recent research has shown that watching a movie may be the best way to combat these feelings of unease.

Tonight the Geology Club and SNO* will be showing 2012 in Emerson Auditorium at 7:30. Pizza will be served and everyone can laugh along to Hollywood’s false representation of the end of the world.

If you like your movies with a little less apocalypse and a little more Jesse Eisenberg Illegal Screenings is showing Holy Rollers somewhere comfortable at 5:30 and that seems like a hoot.

*Are these like secret societies? How can I go to a school for four years and still be discovering new clubs?

(UPDATE: not a secret society)