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Another Opportunity To Talk About Drinking

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Four years on this campus has taught me one thing, Skidmore students love talking about drinking. Since I first stepped foot on this campus I have literally not had a single conversation that didn’t in some way reference how a.) how ‘totally fucked up’ I was at the time or b.) how ‘totally fucked up’ I was the previous Saturday night dude.

D-Hall and the Library exist exclusively as spaces for students to talk about how much they fucking love partying, and those classes you take are all an elaborate sham intended to help you to talk to new people about that one time you totally booted behind Bloomfield.

But still, I am unsatisfied. I thirst for more opportunities to talk about my unquenchable thirst. The only time I am not thinking about how I can be talking about drinking is when I am already talking about drinking. I want to talk about drinking more and luckily, now I can, by taking this survey.

Moorebid Hospitalizations Threaten Future Parties

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Moorebid Ball has come and gone, Ramses has packed away his cables and Case Center has been disinfected. Today I drank a lot of water, did some homework and moved on, but I have a feeling last night will remain on the lips and minds of the College’s administrators and policy makers for several more weeks. You see, nine Skidmore college students were hospitalized last night.

The hospitalizations, all obviously alcohol related, are a politically tricky subject and the College’s handling of the night’s events is precarious. I’ll keep my mouth shut for now but it will be interesting to see exactly how the rest of the year’s dances are handled. Repercussions are doubtlessly forthcoming (and most likely ineffective).

Design The Moorebid Ball Poster

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Moorebid Ball, everyone’s favorite opportunity to wear a costume and make out, is approaching quickly and you can make 100 bucks. All you need to do is design a beautiful poster, which–no offense to art majors to whatever–probably isn’t going to require 100 dollars worth of your time. Make sure to include the essential details and like maybe a picture of a headless horseman riding a daemon stead or something halloweeny like that. maybe some ghouls. More information on thefacebook.

If you find yourself thinking, “damn, I really want to help make Moorebid Ball a better time for everyone but I don’t know how I could go about doing that” then you should go to the Moorebid Ball ideas and planning meeting in Ladd 107 Sunday at 8pm.

Trick or Treat

Saturday, October 31st, 2009


Named for the long forgotten, and recently sold, Moore Hall, tonight’s Moorebid Ball will begin promptly at 10pm. Students without costumes will be rightfully ridiculed and are encouraged not to attend. This is your best opportunity to combine esoteric pop culture, fashion and fake blood—a combination sure to impress that girl in your Art History lecture.

Students that have not yet experienced the moist debauchery of Moorebid Ball should prepare themselves accordingly. Just because you don’t have class tomorrow doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have class tonight. SGA is bringing in free photobooths so you can all document the evening and have a nice souvenir of the time you locked lips with someone in a rubber mask.

Tonight’s entertainment will be provided by and OnPoint. Requests can be texted to (518) 879-7990 as long as you don’t request Monster Mash. Case Center is decorated all spooky and shit, my costume is ready and I’m having candy for dinner. Trick or treat Skidmore College, Trick or treat.


Aural Explosion

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
Too Rad

Too Rad

Yo Motherfuckers, if you’re not totally popping wood about all the good music coming to campus this weekend you must be a serious wet blanket. Thursday night Lively Lucy’s brings you a free show with April Smith and the Great Picture Show and The Van Buren Boys and then Friday night is SEC and Benefaction’s biannual Benefit Concert with sets from VERBS, Silent Kids and Mutual Friends. After all that madness there is this little party called Moorebid Ball featuring LightsDownMusicUp on Saturday Night.

I just want to let everyone know now so we can collectively avoid all those what-are-you-doing-tonight text messages.