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Mellodi Interview: Josh Speers of Otter

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Mellodi, the self-proclaimed “home of college music,” recently interviewed Skidmore alum and Otter lead singer/bassist Josh Speers ’14. In the interview, Speers touches on Otter’s recording/touring process post-graduation and the bands experiences in the Skidmore music scene (house shows, anyone?). If you’ve ever found yourself at survived one of Otter’s many on and off campus shows, you know how big a deal they were at Skidmore, so it’s awesome to see them making Internet waves post-graduation.

Be sure to check out Otter’s debut EP on their Mellodi page. And be sure to check out the other Skidmore bands in the Skidmore section of the site.

Listen To Skidmore Bands For Free On Mellodi

Thursday, March 27th, 2014
So many Skidmore bands, so little time.

So many Skidmore bands, so little time.

So maybe this isn’t news, but it is a really cool feature of a site that not many people have heard about. Mellodi claims to be the “home of all music made by artists in college.” Now, I thought the home of college music was mouse shit-laden basements and trailers, but Mellodi begs to differ. But regardless, Mellodi is a free streaming site for college bands across the country. As long as you have an email account that ends in .edu you can send your music to Mellodi and add it to your school’s catalogue.

Well, Skidmore has one and for people who can’t decide what Falstaff’s gig to go to, or who they want to play Funday, or whatever other important Skidmore music scene-related decisions you have to make, Mellodi is a great resource. ┬áIt’s got everything from Jesse Hardman’s solo work, to the newly named Otter’s (the artists previously known as Beardo) recent single, to Los Elk, to Psymon Spine, and so on.

Check it out and support Skidmore music by listening to your favorite artists for free at Mellodi.