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Skidmore Theater Presents: Dancing at Lughnasa

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014
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Skidmore Theater presents “Dancing at Lughnasa,” directed by Marie Glozbatch, and co-starring Bean Boots and leggings.

The Skidmore Theater Department has announced its Fall 2014 black box production, Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa, directed by Marie Glotzbach. (Yeah, that would be Phil’s wife.)

Dancing at Lughnasa explores the fragile harmony among five grown sisters in rural northern Ireland in 1936 juxtaposed against the realities of political and religious shifts and the oncoming industrial revolution. Reflected through the memory of Michael, the illegitimate son of one of the sisters, playwright Brian Friel reveals undercurrents of desire and longing, which he interweaves with motifs of music, dancing, and a traditional pagan festival. Cutting between Michael’s adult and seven-year-old selves, Friel takes us back to the Ireland of Michael’s childhood and tries to come to terms with the changes in both family dynamics and Irish culture. On this gauzy screen of memory, caring family ties and nostalgia filter together like a pattern of light and shading in a woodland glen.

The show runs from October 16 to October 22, and all shows—with the exception of the Sunday Matinee on the 18th—start at 8:00pm. It looks like everything’s sold out except for the 20th, the 21st, and the 22nd, so you probably want to hop on that pretty soon if you’re interested.

You can call the Skidmore Theater Box Office at (518) 580-5439 or email them at For online ticketing refer to Skidmore College Theater on Facebook or the Theater Department’s website. Tickets are $12 general admission and $8 for students and senior.

That seems a little on the steep side, but the department usually does pretty solid work, so you should take a couple bucks out of your coffee fund and treat yourself to a night of theater. Theater majors probably seem pretty culty and Greeky at points, and there’s a 85% chance you’ve gotten kicked out one of their parties at some point in your time at Skidmore (at least they don’t hand out flyers to freshmen, though) but the department’s pretty well-known and produces good people like that dude from The Walking Dead. So this just might be your chance to say you knew that one recurring TV show character way back when.