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Camper, Lyle Divinsky, and Nat Osborn @ Spa

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

I don’t know

Tomorrow, Jewy heartthrobs Camper and Skidmore alums Lyle Divinsky and Nat Osborn will be playing in the Spa. Everyone knows and loves Camper, and these guys Lyle and Nat are cool if you’re into Dave Matthews and being white.

Go check them out before the 100 Days Dance.

Friday February 1, 9pm @ Spa

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Dan Papson and The Purple Crayons

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

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Dan Papson ’11 is joined by a new nine piece band for his show tonight at the Spa, Lyle Divinsky ’06 will be opening the night’s festivities.

Papson might not be the best at coming up with band names but he plays his instruments better than you do and I’m sure the Purple Crayons and him have a great show in store for us tonight. Also, in case you’re an ignorant idiot who has been living under a rock for two decades and didn’t know, Lyle is the most soulful person to ever graduate from Skidmore College and has the chest hair to prove it.

If you like having fun you should go to this.

Saturday, 20th @ The Spa