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What You’re Missing at the Tang Right Now

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Funnily enough, the Tang is not just a roof strewn with shards of glass from broken beer bottles; it’s also a real-life museum where people wearing all black will yell at you if you touch the pictures. Here are some ongoing exhibitions that you will tell your friends you’ve been meaning to check out but probably never will:

  • Bottled Desire August 14 – September 30, 2012: A collection of antique snuff bottles donated by an alum in 1979, on display for the very first time.
  • Terry Adkins Recital July 14 – December 2, 2012: A collection of three decades of mixed media pieces that pay homage to the lives of various historical figures, from Washington DC-based artist Terry Adkins.
  • Dance/Draw July 14 – December 30, 2012: A four-part series examining the interplay between visual art and dance.
  • Hearing Pictures May 31 – December 30, 2012: A multimedia exhibit that invites visitors to create their own imagined “soundtracks” for various pieces culled from the Tang Collection by using a microphone in the gallery.
And, beginning last Saturday:
  • We the People September 8, 2012 – April 7, 2013: A massive, multi-disciplinary exhibit that will explore how citizens of the United States interact with the Constitution.

If you’re planning on asking any studio art majors out on a date, you could do a lot worse than the Tang, so head on over to that big ol’ iceberg and check it out.

(via Tang)