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Prepare Your Stomachs/Loins for Chowderfest

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

“Get your own goddamn chowder.”

Saratoga in the wintertime fluctuates between a forbidding hellscape or (like today) a creepy salute to global warming. The entire month of February is basically just one long suicidal thought, which is why this Saturday is going to send thrills up legs all over town.

That’s right, fatsos. It’s motherfucking Chowderfest, the annual tradition of waking up early and eating chowder until your arteries are clogged with cream and seafood. Eat (or chug) yourself into a stupor! Marvel at the wonderful dogs of Saratoga! Day drink! Do whatever you want, because it’s Fun Day in the snow and the world is perfect and everybody loves each other and nothing hurts.

Check out the participating busineses here, and fill your wallet with singles like you’re about to hit the booty clubs, because cups are $1 a piece. If you’re into social media or whatever, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for live updates. WE’RE DOIN’ IT BIG.

(via Chowderfest)