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Nominate Your Haunted House for The Saratogian

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

We’re ready to believe you

In keeping with seasonal fun, The Saratogian is holding a contest calling for “the most haunted houses in Saratoga Springs and the immediate area.” Houses will be photographed and featured in an upcoming article.

I’d like to nominate 11 Cane D in Northwoods, because there’s a lot of scary shit going down in this house on a daily basis. Our couch will often eat phones, iPods, and remotes and—never being satiated—will continue to gorge itself on things in our pockets. Late at night, I can hear Dave Matthews and Will Ferrell movies coming through the walls, and sometimes, for absolutely no reason, we wake up to no hot water. SPOOKY.

Contact Chelsea “Freddy” Kruger to nominate a house for the spread.

(via Saratogian)