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Club Fair Rears Its Head Once More

Friday, September 7th, 2012

These guys look like they could be some cool new friends

Today is the annual club fair, where Skidmore students eat free candy and agree to receive emails they will never read. Are you interested in meeting Jewish girls and eating tzimmes on Friday nights? Join Hillel! Are you funny and like attention? Check out the many sketch/improv comedy troupes! Do you enjoy being naked? Try Outing Club! Whatever your interests, Skidmore has the club for you. Alright, college!

Also, here’s a great prank: take one person (for example, Stephen Yell) and sign him or her up for as many clubs as you possibly can. They will hate you and it will be really funny.

Friday, September 7, on Case Green @ 3-5pm

New Graphic Designer Needed for WSPN, Elections Are Nigh

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

You know those sick posters you see around campus whenever WSPN hosts an event? The charming and prolific Evan Cohen designs those, and he’s graduating this year, leaving WSPN without art for the time being. If you have graphic design experience and want to “get involved” on campus, shoot Evan an email. This is a great way for artists to get their stuff out, and an even better way to receive awkward compliments from strangers.

Related, all DJs should come to the WSPN elections on Monday night at 7pm in Bolton 100, because they’re fun and people are sarcastic and we don’t want the radio station to go down the shitter next year, right?


We Will Now Accept Op-Eds, Controversy

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

We at Skidmore Unofficial really appreciate the fact that you guys care about things. In fact, we care so much that we’re willing to risk our stellar reputation* and publish what you have to say.

Whether you are for or against the Queerin’ Putnam debate (or any debate for that matter) and feel strongly about it, we invite you to write an op-ed article for the site. This is not to say that we discourage comments (far from it, they make my day!), but my colleagues are doing senior shit and I have episodes of Cheers to watch, so we can’t spend every waking hour moderating a chaotic online argument.

Drop us a line at Editor@SkidmoreUnofficial.com

*Three-time recipient of Best New Website from Pitchfork Media

Attention English Majors: Submission Deadline Nears for Department Prizes

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

"Today, I think I'll spin a yarn about that time I went abroad and smoked weed with foreigners."

Do you want to make little to no money after college? Do you get As on essays? Do you have dreams of writing the Great American Novel a semi-autobiographical article for Thought Catalog about getting your first period?

You, sir or madam, are in luck, because the English Department offers many exciting (possibly lucrative) literary prizes in a wide variety of fields and is currently accepting submissions.

The prizes are categorized by poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, and anybody can submit a piece. Those interested must hand in two copies of a completed manuscript to the English Department office by Friday, March 23.

Winning one of these things is probably a fabulous thing to have on your resume if you’re trying to get an unpaid internship at Vice or McSweeney’s or something. I’m sure it would also be a boon to your social capital, especially if the English Department gives you a medal (or perhaps a sash) to wear and show off at parties.

Deadline: Friday, March 23

Element Fashion Show Interest Meeting

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Pictured above: Stephen Yell ’13

The first interest meeting for the Element Fashion Show is this Thursday. The actual show is on April 13th and it’s Twilight Zone-themed, which I can only assume means it will be a kafkaesque, psychologically daunting experience ending in an unexpected twist (e.g. all of the models are pig people).

The Element Fashion Show is pretty cool and lots of people do it, but for the ignorant and uninformed, check out past events here. This is a great chance for people who have always dreamed of being featured on the Skidtorialist to spread their wings and reveal their true creative talent.

Thursday, March 1st in Case Lounge @ 6pm

First Photo Club Meeting Tonight

Monday, January 30th, 2012

I'm sure Bob Capa would approve of free pizza and film

The first general meeting of the Photography Club will take place tonight at 8pm in Bolton 282. I’m told they’ll be giving out free pizza and film, a combination to make any aspiring shutterbug wet his or her pants in glee.

Do people still use film? I thought it had gone the way of VHS and phonographs. Kudos to the Photo Club for keeping a dead medium alive.

Bolton 282 @ 8pm

The Club Fair Returns

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Oh shit, someone's signing up for SEC!

This Friday, January 27, the Club Fair will once again take over the inside of Case from 3:30 to 5pm, where you will be coerced into signing up for clubs you don’t really care about by people you barely know/cute girls. You will also inevitably shove pounds of free candy into your face.

Friday, 3:30 – 5pm @ Case Center