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Marky Ramone Comes To Skidmore, Who Gives a Fuck?

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014
He also owns a pasta sauce.

He also owns a pasta sauce.

Tomorrow night Marky Ramone graces Skidmore College with his presence. The only surviving member of the longest running Ramones lineup, Marky has embarked on a speaking tour of campuses around the country. Skidmore is his final stop before he spends most of the summer months touring Spain and South America. This tour may seem like a washed up rock star trying to reclaim his fame, and to some extent it may be, but it comes at a critical moment in punk rock’s history.

This past October, Randall Miller (Bottle Shock) produced and directed the nearly unwatchable CBGB: The Movie, 101 minutes of caricatures and corny dialogue meant to capture the rise of punk rock’s most famous institution. Luckily, many who were involved with CBGBs in the mid-1970s had the good sense not to license their likeness to the film, Marky included. The CBGB movie is just another exploitation of the club’s legacy. Punk rock is going through an identity crisis. The movement in the 1970s defined itself in its own terms, rejecting mainstream culture and embracing do-it-yourself music and art. However, CBGB’s closing in 2006 led to a slew of revival attempts including the movie and the CBGB music festival which will be going into its third year this summer.

But why?

The answer is both extremely simple and complex: punk rock is scary.

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