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The Club Fair Is On The Green Today

Friday, September 6th, 2013


Where: Case Green
When: 3:30pm

You’ve already seen sun-soaked bodies lay back, the occasional frisbee circle, and maybe some drunk, late-night wiffle ball (If you’re lucky.) go down on Case Green, but today’s a different scene. Today all 80 student-run clubs (Not really, but kinda.) will be setting up camp along the walkway, trying to car salesman any hesitant freshman to hand over their pristinely inboxed email account to soon be peppered by a bit of useful weekly information from each and every club on campus. Or, littered with bitter alumni, still checking their Skidmore email accounts and aggressively replying all to ask “Can I Please Be Taken Off This Email List! I DONT GO HERE ANYMORE!.” And while I’m a sucker for chain mail as much as the next guy, it’s really fucking annoying. But I digress.

The Club Fair’s good. Get your name out there, see more faces than usual, and listen as WSPN, Lively Lucy’s, and SEC compete for who can blast the most bombastic Indie Pop on the green. Pulse will be banging on garbage, like always. A club or two may have some baked goods, free stickers, etc. A horse might be there. And, for the first time ever, live music will be playing the stage. Skidmore’s resident funk-rock fusion big band, Bo Peep and The Funk Sheep , will start things off at 3:30pm, followed by DJ’s Anonymous, a collection of on campus DJ’s, who I hope wear masks, and I’m told are better than your friend from High School who made that dope track off Garageband, a DJ app, and mad DatPiff instrumental tapes, but that remains to be seen.

Enjoy the sun, drink a lot of water out of a real metal (or plastic) water bottle, say hi to people, and make sure you remember how many letters were cut off your last name for you Skidmore email address.

See you there.

Class of 2016 Has ED

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

ED can be a touchy subject to discuss with your partner

Last week, a small group of high school seniors in suburbs everywhere jammed their sweaty, shaking hands into their mailboxes and pulled out a big, fat early decision acceptance letter from Skidmore College. Congrats to the newfangled Class of 2016!

If you’re an accepted student (or just a regular one), the Skidmore 2016 Facebook group is live for your stalking pleasures. I would also suggest studying the Skidmore Unofficial Freshmen Orientation Guide, because when Pre-Or rolls around and you’re the only motherfucker who knows where to buy forties in town, you’ll make more friends (whom you’ll quickly forget) than you ever thought possible.

But before all that happens, I urge you all to cherish that final semester of high school. You will have the satisfaction of doing little to no work, staying up late for the rest of the year, smoking weed during free periods, and gloating that you’re officially enrolled in college, while your suicidal friends get rejected by other, more prestigious Northeastern universities.