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Free, Great Singles from New Band HAP

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Skidmore College is blessed with some incredibly talented people, and we at Skidmore Unofficial love promoting their shit (especially if its free). That’s why we’re proud to present HAP, a relatively new band of Skidmore all-stars that just released two singles on Band Camp.

These tracks are totally wild. They sound like the orgy-conceived offspring of Animal Collective, Brian Wilson, Gentle Giant, Of Montreal, and 10cc, and the song “Corners” is about as fun as I imagine riding a rollercoaster on ecstasy would be.

HAP is Sam Smith (who once went to Skidmore eons ago but now goes to Berklee) ’13, Ned Porter ’13, Stephen Yell ’13, and Evan Becker (Vassar) ’13. They recorded these songs in Boston over the summer and you’re missing out if you don’t download them now.

 (via Band Camp)

Now You Can Download Tony Castles’ New EP

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012


A while back, we told you about Skidmore alums Tony Castles’ new EP, Sharon Stone. Well, it’s out for real now, and I highly suggest you download it, because it’s awesome.

As far as Skidmore alum bands go, Tony Castles is at the very least tied with Ratatat. Actually, Ratatat hasn’t done anything decent in like five years, so Tony Castles wins. MY JUDGMENT IS ASTUTE.

(via Band Camp)

Check Out Camper’s New Video “Steady”

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Apologies for the downtime, y’all. To express how incredibly sorry I am, please enjoy this new video from indie-pop heartthrobs Camper. It’s called “Steady” and it’s awesome.

This video has it all. Closeups of Eli, Stephen Yell in his boxers, and Jake playing like eight two instruments at once. It was produced by Will Feinstein (Wesleyan ’13) and mixed by Matt Delligatti (New England Conservatory ’14).

Skinny White Folk Releases Single

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Portland as fuck

A few days ago, Skidmore band Skinny White Folk (Peter Oundjian ’14 and Elliot Daniels ’15) released a single called “Portland,” but due to Fun Day and rain I’m only posting about it now.

Oundjian’s voice sounds kind of like James Taylor’s without the saccharine bullshit (all due respect to “Fire and Rain”) and the track is incredibly sad and haunting and other words people use to describe good music. They’re called Skinny White Folk because they’re white and skinny and play folk music, which is kind of funny I guess. Either way, check out the track because it’s free and really awesome.

(via Bandcamp)

Stream Tony Castles’ New EP

Monday, September 10th, 2012


Paul Sicilian and Willie Miesmer (both ’07) of Tony Castles rank amongst Skidmore’s most prestigious alumni. Sure, there’s former New York State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, YouTube ukulele “sensation” Julia Nunes, the guy from Paranormal Activityand Ratatat, but which of these titans of politics and popular culture can lay claim to the infectious “Black Girls in Dresses“?

Tony Castles played an amazing, sweat-drenched show in the basement of Clinton last year, and they’ve got a new EP, Sharon Stone, due out next month that’s currently streaming on their Band Camp. Check it out here and hopefully they’ll come back for Earth Day or something.

(via Band Camp)

Free Choons: “Sleepwalking” by Babes

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Sup ladies

Check out this song “Sleepwalking” from newly formed band Babes. The band consists of Zoë Brecher ’12 and Jonathan Benbeniste ’14 and the track is pretty cool. Maybe they’ll play in the basement of East or Clinton and we can all bob up and down or something.

Ugly Mornings Rips

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Erik Estrada enjoys a french fry

True story: last May, during Wesleyan’s senior week, Eli Dreyfus and Steve Yell, both ’13, schlepped over to Middletown and wrote and recorded a five-song EP with a bunch of Wes kids (Will Feinstein, Adrien Defontaine, Dan Moakley, and Danny Sullivan, all Wesleyan ’13) in 48 hours.

That’s right. Two fucking days. They produced a great EP in two fucking days. 

Ugly Mornings continues the tradition of Skidmore and Wesleyan interbreeding musically. Their eponymous debut is now available for download on Band Camp, and I assure you, it’s fantastic. This is the kind of music you dance shove people to in a damp basement that smells like asbestos and Keystone, desperately trying not to throw up on the sweaty girl from your history class in front of you. Ladies of Clinton Street: let’s make this happen!

Also, it’s free, so hop on it, y’all. If you see Eli or Steve around campus, give them a nod or something, because these gents deserve it.