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2015 Earth Day Music Festival (4/18)

Friday, April 17th, 2015
Fuck yeah, Earth!

Fuck yeah, Earth!

This year’s annual Earth Day Music Festival, sponsored by EAC, WSPN, SEC, and Lively Lucy’s, is this Saturday, April 18th, out on South Green. There will be food, including Chipotle (!!) and–most importantly–a killer lineup of bands. Here’s a quick breakdown:

12:00pm – Rim Joe and the Boys (Battle of the Bands winner!)
12:45pm – Modern Vices
1:45pm – Free Cake for Every Creature
2:15pm – Evolfo Doofeht
3:30pm – Quarterbacks
4:20pm – Future of What
5:15pm – TOPS
6:00pm – YACHT

Read on for band descriptions and videos! Click to continue »

Eskimo Sister Releases Debut Single “OK”

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Is that a cucumber?

Twee-Pop/Lo-Fi band Eskimo Sister have finally graced us with a recording, so swing on over to their Bandcamp and give a listen to “OK.” This is a hot one, as it features the line: “i cut myself shaving and it was the best thing to happen all week,” so hop on that name-your-price download right now.

Eskimo Sister formed at the beginning of this semester. It addition to their debut performance at the student band showcase back September, they saddened up the rickety Falstaff’s stage just the other week when they opened for Kitten Forever. The band features Brandon Dyer ’15 (featured bassist for Free Cake for Every Creature), Johnny Murphy ’15 (formerly of Yo Soy Milk, presently of Johnny Murphy), Giulia Morrone ’15, and Eric Lemaire ’15.

Concerning their future, the band wrote on their Facebook:

uhh I guess we’ll be sporadically recording songs whenever we feel like it and releasing them whenever they sound good. we don’t know what the album will be called yet but there’s going to be one. unless we break up, which is entirely possible. actually, never mind, we’re probably not going to release any more music.


Sounds promising to me. They also tweet, and they don’t suck at it. Like them on Facebook and keep an eye out for future material/performances/amusing status updates.

Free Cake for Every Creature WKNC Live Session

Monday, September 29th, 2014
This is definitely how I picture these songs being written.

This is definitely how I picture these songs being written.

Free Cake for Every Creature, a twee-pop act 3/4 composed of Skidmore alum, recently found themselves in Raleigh, North Carolina and stopped by 88.1 WKNC headquarters to play a quick set in The Lounge.

Free Cake for Every Creature started out as a the solo brainchild of Katie Bennett ’13, but she’s recently expanded the project to accommodate a full-band showed, which the nearly 10-minute set showcases quite well. The band recently released their debut full-length Pretty Good through Double Whammy Whammy on cassette, which can be purchased through the label’s store and streamed for free here.

Free Cake for Every Creature Streams New Song on Stereogum

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

It’s always cool when Skidmore-related bands get exposure on other sites. Wait, now that I think about it, does that ever happen? Well, now it has, so listen up. Free Cake for Every Creature has a new song entitled “Don’t Go Away” streaming on Stereogum as of today. For those of you who don’t know them, Free Cake for Every Creature is the bedroom pop/twee pop project of Katie Bennett ’13, who writes songs “full of awkward pauses and unassuming romanticism,” according to Stereogum writer James Rettig. She’s recruited some of her pals (Colin Manjoney ’13, Francis Lyons ’14, and Brandon Dyer ’15) for a full-band sound, and their releasing a tape (yeah, like a legit cassette) through Double Double Whammy records on June 10th.

If you've never talked to any of these guys before, it's probably because you're not cool enough.

If you’ve never talked to any of these people before, it’s probably because you’re nowhere near cool enough.

I’m pretty sure it’s still cool to go on Stereogum, and it’s always cool to support the work of your fellow Skidkids Skiddies people affiliated with this academic institution, so check out the song. And be sure to (a) mention to all your non-Skidmore friends that you knew about Free Cake for Every Creature way before they were on Stereogum and (b) mention to all your Skidmore friends that you went on Stereogum way before Free Cake for Every Creature was on it. Pretty Good comes out June 10th. Preorder it here if you feel like dishing out only $5 for some awesome mellow tunes pressed on some dead technology.