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Falstaff’s Operating Committee Hosts Open Forum

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Free good and megaphones.

Do you enjoy Falstaff’s and all the debauchery events that go on in there? Do you think it’s all sorts of lame and could be a fuck-ton better?

Well, if you fall into either of these categories, the Falstaff’s Operating Committee wants to hear from you! This Wednesday (that’s tomorrow night), the FOC will be hosting an open forum in the Spa to allow students to voice their opinions on how the space can be better utilized to serve the Skidmore community. There will also be free cookies and drinks.

Falstaff’s sometimes gets a bum rap, but it’s actually a pretty great space that has a lot of potential, provided students show the initiatives to use it in the right ways. And recently reactivated Falstaff’s Operating Committee has put in some good work to reinject some prestige into the space. So help them out by going to the Spa at 6:00 tomorrow and sharing your thoughts!

FOC Coffee House Sunday 11am to 5pm

Saturday, October 4th, 2014
FOC coffee house

Looks about right

In a land before time, Falstaff’s was a haven for eager students to debate deep, probing questions with their peers. The kinds of questions that stared into the gaping depths of humanity and shook its very foundations. Questions that thrilled the intellect but left the soul sad and ashamed. Falstaff’s was liberal arts.

Who are we kidding? It was a shitty bar, only slightly better than DA’s because it took less time to get there (some might disagree). People didn’t go there to ponder the bigger questions in life—they went there to get hammered. I mean, the place is named after a brand of beer (don’t give me that Shakespeare crap; it was product placement all the way). And get hammered they did.

Then in walks big, bad Glotzbach (or maybe it was his evil twin?), yadda yadda yaddo, and the rest is history.

Now, though, Falstaff’s Operating Committee is working to restore everyone’s favorite place to hate to its original glory, whatever that was. In what can be considered Phase II of FOC’s plan to improve Falstaff’s, the group is hosting a coffee house this Sunday from 11am to 5pm. According to the poster, there will be free coffee, unspecified pastries, relaxing music, and a calm atmosphere. Do some homework, read a book, or just enjoy the music. Nobody likes going to the library, so how about a change of scenery?

Help FOC help you enjoy Falstaff’s more, and check out their Facebook page here.