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Evolfo Doofeht Wants to Take You to Space, Let the Space Jam References Commence

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Evolfo posters are basically collector’s items

If you’re like me, you probably think there are a number of better uses for extraneous private capital than space vacations.  Alas, there are still more destinies to manifest, and, well, to each his own, right?  But while we all wait for Richard Branson to get his shit together, I’d like to offer you the next best alternative: gypsy-dance-funk.  Imagine Gogol Bordello meets Streetlight Manifesto, except Eugene Hutz now has a distinct Boston accent.  The result? Evolfo Doofeht.

As some of you may know, Evolfo’s show tomorrow night will be their fourth in as many semesters, which practically qualifies them as artists-in-residence (move over ACJW).  And as the Lively Lucy’s PR team so nicely put it, the Food of Love (see what I did there?) has destroyed and will destroy again.  So strap yourself in, drink the Kool Aid (or other beverage of choice), and give yourself up to the devil mask.  I have, and will again.

Spaceship Falstaff’s is set to take off at 9:00 PM tomorrow night.  Evolfo Doofeht and their pirate pals, Destroy Babylon, will, of course, be your trusted pilots.  Enjoy the ride.

Editor’s Note: Skidmore Unofficial does not condone the use of psychedelics. Any reference to space travel should be taken literally and not misconstrued. 

First Open Mic Tonight!

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

This could be you

Lively Lucy’s is kicking off a killer semester tonight with the first open mic of the year. As always, open mic is an all-inclusive event for students to showcase their coffee-shop appropriate talents. Sign-ups are on a first-come-first-serve basis and start at 6:30pm.  The first performer goes on at 7pm.  So grab your guitar, brush up on that one Bonnie Bear song you know, and head to Falstaff’s tonight to bathe in the praise of your peers or embarrass yourself totally (your choice).

Keep a lookout for Lively Lucy’s open mics on the first thursday of the month throughout the year.

By the way, remember when I started by saying Lively Lucy’s is going to have a killer semester? Check out what else is on tap:

Stoked for Folk – 9/11

Rock the Vote (Student Band Showcase) – 9/18

THE ROOKS feat. LOS ELK – 9/20*


We’ll be sure to remind you. If you have any questions or want to know more about Lively Lucy’s contact nsamors@skidmore.edu.

*Get ready to fucking dance.

Weekend Distractions CXIX

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

7:00pm- LINE Art Review Magazine Release Party @ Tang Teaching Museum
8:00pm- Fundraiser for Saratoga County Outreach @ Putnam Den
9:30pm- Triceracops and EVOLFO DOOFEHT @ Falstaffs

2:00pm- Women’s Softball vs. St. Lawrence University @ Softball Field
4:00pm- Women’s Softball vs. St. Lawrence University @ Softball Field
7:00pm- Accents Spring Jam @ Gannett
8:00pm- Strange and Familiar Places: Spring Dance Concert 2014 @ Dance Theater
8:00pm- Rubblebucket @ Zankel
10:00pm- #Trebsprblmz: Treblemakers Spring Jam @ Filene Hall
10:30pm- ULTIMATE Friday Night Stand-Up @ SPA

11:00am- Tommy Corcoran’s Senior Voice Recital @ Zankel
12:00pm- Men’s Baseball vs. Union College @ Baseball Field (Double Header!)
1:00pm- Women’s Lacrosse vs. RPI @ Wachenheim Field
1:00pm- Men’s Tennis vs. Williams College @ Tennis Courts
2:00pm- Men’s Baseball vs. Union College @ Baseball Field (Double Header!)
2:00pm- Strange and Familiar Places: Spring Dance Concert 2014 @ Dance Theater
2:00pm- Matt Gaydar’s Senior Composition Recital @ Zankel
5:00pm- Laura Pendleton’s Senior Voice Recital @ Zankel
8:00pm- ELEMENT Fashion Show @ Tang Teaching Museum
8:00pm- Strange and Familiar Places: Spring Dance Concert 2014 @ Dance Theater
8:00pm- 100 YEARS OF DRASTICS (10th Year Anniversary Jam) @ Filene Hall
8:00pm- Katherine Murphy’s Senior Flute Recital @ Zankel
9:30pm- [AKTV] @ Gannett
10:00pm- Pulse Final Show @ Davis
10:00pm- Sonnets Spring Jam @ Filene Hall

All Day- Easter (Go egg hunting)


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