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Eskimo Sister Releases Full-Length Debut, ‘Kids These Days’

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

“You waved back and then I farted”

Lo-fi/tweemo pioneers Eskimo Sister (ex-Yo Soy Milk and Free Cake for Every Creature) have been teasing you with a demo here and there (not to mention a killer twitter presence), and now they’re pleased (but probably not) to bring you their debut full-length, Kids These Days.

Featuring shared vocal duties from Johnny Murphy, Brandon Dyer, and Giulia Morrone, Kids These Days fits right in with the ever-burgeoning lo-fi scene that you might have seen showcased on this site by Free Cake for Every Creature, but Eskimo Sister injects their own brand of sadness/silliness/sweetness that makes the record a joy to listen to. I mean, come on, the opening track features the following gem of a verse:

had a dream I shot paul mccartney
the bullet went through his head
then it his morrisey
now they both are dead

And that’s just the first song on the record, folks. “Chinatown” is still one of the better and catchier tracks released in the Skidmore music scene as of late, and “Virginity Dirge” showcases Murphy’s ever-impressive penchant for alt-country, while the aforementioned opening track features some killer shreds on the part of Brandon Dyer. Stylistically, the band covers some pretty impressive ground with Kids These Days, but it’s all very much in the realm of their patented sound that fills some much needed gaps in the music scene here at Skidmore.

You can download the album for free on Eskimo Sister’s Bandcamp, so don’t hesitate to do so and make Murphy and co. a little bit happier.

Eskimo Sister Releases Debut Single “OK”

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Is that a cucumber?

Twee-Pop/Lo-Fi band Eskimo Sister have finally graced us with a recording, so swing on over to their Bandcamp and give a listen to “OK.” This is a hot one, as it features the line: “i cut myself shaving and it was the best thing to happen all week,” so hop on that name-your-price download right now.

Eskimo Sister formed at the beginning of this semester. It addition to their debut performance at the student band showcase back September, they saddened up the rickety Falstaff’s stage just the other week when they opened for Kitten Forever. The band features Brandon Dyer ’15 (featured bassist for Free Cake for Every Creature), Johnny Murphy ’15 (formerly of Yo Soy Milk, presently of Johnny Murphy), Giulia Morrone ’15, and Eric Lemaire ’15.

Concerning their future, the band wrote on their Facebook:

uhh I guess we’ll be sporadically recording songs whenever we feel like it and releasing them whenever they sound good. we don’t know what the album will be called yet but there’s going to be one. unless we break up, which is entirely possible. actually, never mind, we’re probably not going to release any more music.


Sounds promising to me. They also tweet, and they don’t suck at it. Like them on Facebook and keep an eye out for future material/performances/amusing status updates.

Weekend Distractions CXXVII

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

6:00pm – Double Drops: Remix Party @ Tang
7:00pm – Cab Troupe: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee @ Filene
7:00pm – Fatal Assistance Film Screening & Director’s Talk @ Davis
8:00pm – Lively Lucy Presents: Kitten Forever & Eskimo Sister @ Falstaff’s
8:00pm – Ad-Libs & Drastics In the Dark @ Gannett
8:00pm – Harvest Festival @ Case Green

5:30pm – Lecture: Todd Miller, Author of Border Patrol Nation @ Davis
7:00pm – Cab Troupe: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee @ Filene
8:00pm – Lively Lucy’s Presents: Psymon Spine & Zula @ Falstaff’s
8:30pm – Skidmore Halfbreds vs. Le Moyne @ Ice Rink

1:00pm – LL Championship: Field Hockey vs. William Smith @ Wagner Park
6:00pm – ACA’s 3rd Annual Cultural Night Market @ Case 1st Floor
7:00pm – Cab Troupe: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee @ Filene
8:00pm – Skidmore Orchestra Performance @ Zankel
10:05pm – Spectrum: Inferno @ Falstaff’s
11:00pm – Skidomedy Presents: Definitive Evidence of a Loving God @ Gannett

Missing something? Let us know in the comments!

Lively Lucy’s Presents: Kitten Forever & Eskimo Sister

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014
They'll fuck you uuuup.

They’ll fuck you uuuup.

Minnesota-based riot grrrl trio Kitten Forever will be filling the punk-shaped hole that exists in all of our hearts when they grace the near-collapsing Falstaff’s stage Thursday night. Joined by Skidmore’s very own angels of tweemo slacker Eskimo Sister, Kitten Forever are sure to show you that all the music you listen to is actually mega-lame and just another product of the patriarchal mainstream machine.

Show starts at 8:00pm. Don’t be a scrub and just show up for one band. Support Eskimo Sister. Support Lively Lucy’s. And definitely support Kitten Forever, because they’re coming from like a million miles away and will probably have some merch you can buy so they can afford jackets (it gets fucking coooold in MI).

ROCK THE VOTE: A Student Band Showcase

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Tomorrow (Thursday) night at 8:00 in Falstaff’s (which apparently now has a fully functioning and soon-to-be operating bar), Lively Lucy’s will be hosting their (bi?) annual student band showcase. The showcase has become a consistent hit from Lively Lucy’s, and it’s always a great chance to check out some new and old faces in the Skidmore music scene.

Robin Adams, circa 1986

Robin Adams, circa 1986

Co-sponsored by killers of cool SGA, the showcase will feature a solid array of bands of varying styles and seniority. There will also be an opportunity to vote for SGA representatives and free Esperanto’s, which sounds like the ideal Thirsty Thursday to me. Be sure to stop by and check out what will (hopefully) be pretty short and sweet sets from the following bands:

The Salmon Of Knowledge
Big Booty Judy (now featuring Izzy Howard on vocals)
Dope Mosely
Good Neighbor
Iguana Mañana
Knights of Tundra (listed as a Dragonforce cover band, which is probably a joke, but a dude can hope, right?)
Eskimo Sister
The Melon Girls

If you’re new to Skidmore, this will be a great introduction to the music scene–one of the hidden and underrated aspects of campus life. And if you’ve been around for a while, odds are you know someone in one of these bands, so avoid getting a mass text from them at 8:05 and just show up and stay for the whole thing, because you definitely don’t have better things to do (and late night has been majorly sucking lately).

On the real, though, we lost some good bands to the real world this past year, and it’s really cool that new and old bands are stepping up and showcasing their shit, because these bands work fucking hard. So show up at 8:00pm with some friends and ready to sing to Red Hot Chili Peppers or Sublime, because you know someone will probably cover one (or both) of them.