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“Wesley Vaughn Is Hanging On,” A Silent Film By Skidmore Grads

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Wesley Vaughn is Hanging On – Episode 1 from Eric Stumpf on Vimeo.

If you’ve been paying attention, Eric Stumpf ’13 has been producing a catalogue of pithy, tight short films steadily since he graduated last year. He produced a short preview of Fun Day last year, the recently released film “Summering,” featuring almost an entire cast of Skidmore grads, and now Wesley Vaughn is Hanging On, starring Paul-Emile Cendron ’13 with Eli Cohen ’13 as writer and assistant director. Stumpf and Cendron have worked together in the past on a piece called “Interrogation Room Scene.” Paul-Emile Cendron also has an IMDb page, FYI.

The short chronicles the writer Wesley Vaughn’s struggle to write. The piece is done rather charmingly, as Cendron performs with a Keaton-esque awareness of physicality and emotion. It’s artful and yet modest in it’s production and direction. It’s also just the start of a series, so look out for more, as well as whatever other projects Stumpf is cooking up.

With the recent addition of a Media and Film Studies Minor at Skidmore: take this as proof, all you young film freaks aspiring to be directors/actors/extras/etc., you can do visually artsy things beyond this campus. You may not get paid for it, but you can still do things.

Skidmore Grads Collaborate on Comedy Short “Summering”

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Summering from Eric Stumpf on Vimeo.

Seniors, let this be proof that your lives in a few short months won’t be bland as fuck and you might just be able do some cool, creative shit with your time.

This comedy short comes straight from editor/cinematographer Eric Stumpf ’13 and writer/director Jazz Adams ’13, as well as a full cast of recent Skid alums: Andrew Rousso, Billy Berger-Bailey, and Zac Uslianer.

Watch as the three Brooklyn hipster confess about their affluent childhood summers in the Hamptons, only to regress to their inner bros and yearn for the days of popped pastel polos, hot babes, and Ray-Bans.