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Sign Up for SGA Elections and Make a “Difference”

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Could be you someday

The country is slogging neck-deep through Silly Season, so this seems to be as good a time as any to plug SGA.

There’s an optional info meeting for Round 1 Elections tomorrow at 6pm in Ladd 307, followed by a mandatory meeting for all candidates on Friday at 5pm. Self-nominations are due at the SGA office on Friday at 4:30pm. If you’ve been staring woefully at the blank space under “Leadership and Activities” on your resume, then this might be your solution.

I myself am running for Northwoods Senator on the long-dormant Occupy Case Walkway ticket. I’m a successful entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience in the private sector, and I’m committed to getting Skidmore back to work!


Yes, I may be a tireless public servant, but I’m also a churchgoing family man. My loving wife, Babs, and I have taught our three wonderful children, Bucky, Hephzibah, and little Rowley Jr. that traditional values are what first made Skidmore the school it is today. It’s those same values that my own father—a hardscrabble quinoa farmer from the great town of Wilton—taught me as a boy, and it’s those values that will continue to make Skidmore the greatest liberal arts school on the face of the Earth!

[Applause, chants of “SKIDMORE! SKIDMORE! SKIDMORE!”]

Info meeting on Wednesday, September 12 in Ladd 307 @ 6pm
Self-nominations due Friday, September 14 in SGA Office @ 4:30pm
Candidate meeting on Friday, September 14 in Ladd 307 @5pm

New Graphic Designer Needed for WSPN, Elections Are Nigh

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

You know those sick posters you see around campus whenever WSPN hosts an event? The charming and prolific Evan Cohen designs those, and he’s graduating this year, leaving WSPN without art for the time being. If you have graphic design experience and want to “get involved” on campus, shoot Evan an email. This is a great way for artists to get their stuff out, and an even better way to receive awkward compliments from strangers.

Related, all DJs should come to the WSPN elections on Monday night at 7pm in Bolton 100, because they’re fun and people are sarcastic and we don’t want the radio station to go down the shitter next year, right?


Skidmore Students Politically Apathetic or Whatever

Friday, November 18th, 2011

According to a recent article in The Skidmore News, students on campus are pushing dangerous levels of not giving a shit. In the recent November 8 local elections, only forty of the hundreds of registered voters on campus showed up to the polls. Skidmore Democrats president Bryn Schockmel ’12 attributed the low turnout to a “general apathetic view of local town politics,” adding that “some students believe Saratoga Policy has little effect on their daily lives.” What a bunch of goddamn layabouts we all are.

But seriously! Overlooking the fact that “voter apathy” is a staggeringly vague and broad term that gets thrown around a lot and doesn’t really mean anything, on a city scale, these numbers are definitely a little disheartening. Of the 18,200 registered voters, only 6,373 voted last week, which indicates a widespread problem in the county, beyond Skidmore.

Everything You Need To Know About SGA Elections

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

missing from this chart? the Illumnati connections

SGA aka Student Government Association aka Super Good Amigos aka Succulent Green Apples is perpetuating the cycle of democracy by hosting elections to fill next year’s positions. Usually this shit is soooo boring (politics, right?) but this round of ballot punching happens to be full of exciting contested elections. Huzzah!

Speech Night is Wednesday, April 6th at 6pm in the Spa so if you want to be an informed and responsible voter you should probably attend that (there will also be free pizza). You can also browse this wonderful facebook album loaded with sexy pictures and exciting information about the candidates.

If you’re popular and/or pretty you probably have a lot of facebook friends, which means that all of your friends have probably already invited you to an infuriating amount of facebook events made to support the various candidates, which WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT DUDE? Facebook is for looking at pictures of cute girls from high school, not ‘getting out the vote’ or whatever. Leave me alone.

Voting is all day Thursday online and at the SGA offices in Case Center and if you’re a real American you’ll wait until then to decide who you support.


SGA Voting Happy Time Time

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

It is time once again to encourage you all to vote in the SGA elections. If I had the time I would make the obligatory joke about the importance of democratic participation and maybe also something about the rise of democracy in North Africa here, but I’m kind of in a rush and can’t be bothered. Feel free to make your own in the comments.

Click here to vote online, or visit the SGA offices in Case Center.

SGA Speech Night = Free Food

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Tonight at 8pm in the Spa the Student Government Association will host a speech night for individuals seeking election. Hear what the candidates have to say and the afterwards eat free Esperanto Pizza and Doughboys.


N.B. This is just one of the ways to get free pizza tonight.