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2015 Earth Day Music Festival (4/18)

Friday, April 17th, 2015
Fuck yeah, Earth!

Fuck yeah, Earth!

This year’s annual Earth Day Music Festival, sponsored by EAC, WSPN, SEC, and Lively Lucy’s, is this Saturday, April 18th, out on South Green. There will be food, including Chipotle (!!) and–most importantly–a killer lineup of bands. Here’s a quick breakdown:

12:00pm – Rim Joe and the Boys (Battle of the Bands winner!)
12:45pm – Modern Vices
1:45pm – Free Cake for Every Creature
2:15pm – Evolfo Doofeht
3:30pm – Quarterbacks
4:20pm – Future of What
5:15pm – TOPS
6:00pm – YACHT

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Watch People Light Water On Fire: Gasland Screening

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Hey there citizens of Spaceship Earth. It’s Thursday night at 8. You’re making a half-assed attempt at that reading for your Friday class, or maybe you’re particularly thirsty this thursday and you’ve already cracked open a handle of sweet, sweet Crystal Palace with your friends. Maybe you’re crying because that cute person in your class never texted you back. Actually, you’re probably just smoking weed.

There are a myriad of thursday night activities you can partake in on campus, but which one is the BEST??? Which one will you regret the least, when post-grad-you looks back at college with misty eyed fondness? Make the right decisions, or be forever haunted by your past…

THIS THURSDAY, at 8pm in Davis Auditorium, the Academy Award nominated documentary Gasland will be shown, courtesy of Skidmore’s very own Environmental Action Club (EAC).

It’s a pretty damn good documentary folks, but don’t take it from me. You’re a Skidmore student, so you probably already love documentaries. There are tons of resources in the magical internet land (which you are currently surfing on! weeeeeeeeee!!!) which will educate you about the dangers of hydrofracking, but reading some facts on some website doesn’t really drive the point home. If you want an emotionally stirring documentary that will make you say “wow… thats fucked up,” then come on down and watch Gasland!

Heed my warnings.

-Glotzbach’s Evil Twin

Earth Day Promises Killer Musical Lineup feat. BADBADNOTGOOD

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014
Another Garrett Lloyd Evans design.  Kid is killing it.

Another Garrett Lloyd Evans design. Kid is killing it.

Skidmore’s annual Earth Day Festival brings together various clubs around campus to provide family-friendly “earth-centered activities” for the campus community to enjoy.  We already know about a clothing swap, an afternoon hike, free food, and a petting zoo featuring Lil’ Sebastian.  But best of all, WSPN and SEC team up to provide a killer lineup of bands to keep us entertained all day.  Check out the run down and get ready for what’s shaping up to be the best Earth Day Festival yet.


This Toronto-based trio has backed up Frank Ocean at Coachella 2012, performed live with Earl Sweatshirt & Tyler, the Creator, and has produced music for the RZA, Earl, and James Blake.  They’ve also been the most exciting thing happening in jazz for the last few years.  They combine hip hop, traditional jazz, and other elements in an exciting and modern way and put on shows that will make you ruckus.

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Thursday, April 18th, 2013


Sup clowns. What are you doing this Saturday? If you answered anything other than “going to Earth Day,” then you’re a bigger clown than I thought.

Every year, WSPN and EAC put together a concert with a whole bunch of bands. It has rained every year since Earth Day 2010. Hopefully it won’t this weekend.

Here’s the list of AWESOME bands:

There’s also going to be A 75-FOOT SLIP AND SLIDE! A ROCK CLIMBING WALL! A BEER GARDEN (“Biergarten” if you must)! A PETTING ZOO!


AND IT’S ON 4/20.

You high jackasses are going to fucking love this shit. I mean, A FUCKING PETTING ZOO. ON 4/20. WHAT A BAD IDEA.

Saturday April 20, 12pm @ South Green*

*Falstaff’s in case of rain.
(via Facebook)

Whore Out Your Car at the Thanksgiving Ride Share Fair

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

For those of you who don’t have cars or parents willing to chauffeur them around the northeast, this week’s Thanksgiving Ride Share Fair may be of interest. EAC is organizing the event, and they need drivers to take people home.

If you’re interested in volunteering, email mkohiyam@skidmore.edu by Tuesday, November 6 with the following info:

1. Name
2. Destination
3. Date and estimated time of departure from Skidmore
4. Number of spaces available in your car
5. Email address and/or cell number

Last year, my housemate volunteered and we were able to share a wildly uncomfortable ride to Westchester with some guy from Tarrytown. A small price to pay for reducing our carbon footprint or something.

Thursday November 8, 5-8pm
Friday November 9, 1-4pm
@ Case

Beehive Collective

Monday, October 31st, 2011

holy shit

I was psyched to write this post when I saw that a beehive collective was coming to campus. Man, that is so cool.  I didn’t exactly know what a beehive collective was really but I read somewhere that bees are disappearing so I thought is probably had something to do with raising awareness of that. Plus honey might be the greatest thing ever.  We can all agree on that, right?  I don’t even feel weird when I sit in the library ferociously sucking on the packets from Burgess.

Anyway, I was wrong, The Beehive Collective is not a bee rights organization. Instead it’s an internationally political group that uses “graphical media to communicate stories of resistance to corporate globalization.” They’ll be visiting on Tuesday and bringing their new mural, which is called ‘The True Cost of Coal’. The group will present the mural, tell stories, and talk about living in Appalachia.

If you want to learn how our unbridled usage of electricity is ruining our environment and disenfranchising poor Americans go to this.

Tuesday 11/1 @ The Spa 7-9


Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

WSPN, SEC, Lively Lucy’s and EAC are teaming up to bring you the Earth Day Festival and make sure you that your Saturday is fucking awesome. All you gotta do is show up and open your ears.

Picture this, Saturday from noon until 8pm on South Park Green you and your amigos spread out on a blanket listening to music and eating delicious food, joining hands in a celebratory dance circle of joy. It’ll be like Coachchella without any of that annoying California stuff.

What should you expect? Two stages, food, ill WSPN merchandise to show your allegiance, solar powered shit and a generally good time featuring music from Railbird, The Forms, Readnex Poetry Squad, The Tony Castles, Big Tree, Mokaad and the Flexpoints, Miniature Tigers.…AND MORE

Get ready buddy, this is going to kill your bad feelings and turn them into great feelings.


Anything But Clothes At Reusa-Ball

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

These people are definitely australian I can just tell

Reusa-Ball, Reusable. Get it? Get it? A pun!

Run to Getty and grab some duct tape (and prolly a pack of smokes) because tonight at 10pm in Falstaff’s EAC brings you the Reusa-Ball, which according to the facebook event is an “eco-dance-party where everyone wears reused, recycled, and second-hand clothing.” Oh Yeah!

I know that Saturday night is usually your night to peacock around in your finest wares, your Anthropologie dresses and your Urban Outfitters flannels but the Reusa-Ball is an Anything But Clothes party so you’re going to need to fashion some sort of pantsuit out of old PBR boxes or something. My freshman year, I showed up to an Anything But Clothes party wearing only D-Hall coffee cups. Get on my level.

Prizes and Plum Dandy will be awarded to the people with the most creative costumes and The Hand Me Downs are opening up for Ramses. Get silly with your willy tucked into some recyclables!


Lively Lucy’s and EAC Present: Beats For Beets

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

i need more allowance

Attention: This Thursday EAC and Lively Lucy’s are hosting Beats for Beets, an event at Falstaff’s that provides the perfect opportunity to talk about the late 90’s Nickelodeon television show Doug! As you may know, The Beets were Doug’s favorite band and even though the connection may seem tangential at best I can promise you that you will be able to use this event to start a conversation about the television show Doug.  Everyone already knows that talking about late 90s Nickelodeon television shows is the best way to flirt with people at Skidmore and that chatting about your mutual appreciation for cultural touchstones like Doug and Ahh! Real Monsters! is a guaranteed way to get someone to make out with you. All you need to do is show up, lean in close while one of the bands tunes their guitars and say something witty like “I can’t wait until they play Killer Tofu” and you’re golden, I promise.

In addition to all this make out hoopla, Beats For Beats will also feature delicious snacks donated by Chipotle, The Bread Basket, and Uncommon Grounds, as well as delicious music donated by Honey, Jon Wan+ Zoe Brecher, Houseboat, and Dan Papson & the Purple Crayons. All this stuff is great.

The Student Garden will also be selling their highly fashionable canvas bags and raffling off gift certificates to the Saratoga Farmers Market.

8pm @ Falstaff’s

EAC Presents: Truck Farm Screening

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

EAC will be screening the movie Truck Farm tonight at 8pm in Davis. Truck Farm is a movie about a farm that is on a truck and not, interestingly enough, a magical farm that grows trucks.

n.b : F&M Bagels, featured prominently in the background of this trailer, is a wonderful bagel store in Red Hook, Brooklyn with very good bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches.