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FemFest 2012

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Ironic phalluses?

This weekend is FemFest, a fundraiser organized by the American Studies class “Disorderly Women.” The three-day event is intended to raise money for Camp Little Notch, an all-girl’s camp in upstate New York. According to one of the organizers, Matt Schonfeld:

“They promote an all inclusive, diverse environment for girls and when low income families can’t pay for their girls to go, the camp eats the cost. We’re trying to raise campership so more girls can go.”

FemFest will kick off tomorrow night at Falstaff’s with a Battle of the Bands featuring Skinny White Folk, Good Neighbor, The Hilarys, and Bo Peep and the Funk Sheep. On Friday, spoken word artist Mayda Del Valle will do poetry in the Spa. On Saturday, there will be a silent auction at the Tang, featuring stuff from local businesses, with musical accompaniment from the Nancy Walker Trio and Skidmore’s MaryLeigh Roohan. Later that night, Micia Mosley will perform her one-woman piece Where My Girls At? A Comedic Look at Black Lesbians in the Spa.

Packed schedule, so check it out and give these guys your money. It’s a good cause and shit and FUCK THE PATRIARCHY.

Battle of the Bands: Thursday November 29, 9pm @ Falstaff’s
Mayda Del Valle: Friday November 30, 10pm @ Spa
Silent Auction: Saturday December 1, 4pm @ Tang
Micia Mosley: Saturday December 1, 9pm @ Spa