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Wafflefest TONIGHT at 8:00!

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

Nothing you eat at Wafflefest will look like this.

Do you want to enjoy a meal without having to lie your way swipe in to dhall? Then swing by your only favorite dining hall between 8:00 and 11:00 tonight for Wafflefest, co-sponsored by yo’ waffle daddies on SGA’s Committee on Student Life and Dining Services!

If you’re (still) new here, Wafflefest is a beloved tradition here at Skidmore. You know, like Fun Day. Or complaining about not getting into Wesleyan (did I make that joke already??), but with more waffles. Lots more waffles. And dessert pizza. And doughnuts. And salad–if you, like me, are trying to keep an eye your carb intake.

It’s totally free to all students. But the line is always hella long, so you should definitely show up before 8:00 or have one of your pals keep you posted on what the line looks like. And it will be insanely packed, so have one of said pals grab you a seat. And it’ll be noisy. Real noisy. Utter chaos. Los Elk will probably be playing.

To be honest, it’s a super stressful experience (ever seen Full Metal Jacket?) but you really can’t say no to free food, and it’s kind of a rite of passage. Plus this is like the last “thing” going on this semester, so ring in the end of the semester (or beginning of finals, if you’re a masochist) with some comfort food. You’re gonna need it.

Just kidding.

(Editor’s Note: No he’s not.)

Some Answers to the Starbucks Situation: Why Did Skidmore Cave to Corporate Influence?

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Photo by Chloe Kimberlin ’17. Shamelessly lifted from SkidNews.

All us angry liberals may have forgotten about how pissed off we were at the beginning of the semester when we came back from the summer to a big mean corporate parasite disguised as Burgess Cafe. But the question still stands: why did Skidmore decide to snatch up a corporate chain on campus rather than support local businesses–or perhaps help us save some money by keeping Burgess coffee relatively cheap? Based on an interview a friend of mine conducted with Mark Miller, head of Dining Services, I have a couple possible answers.

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Take This Community-Supported Agriculture Survey

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Big news for all you do-gooder liberal fucks out there. Next fall, Skidmore will be piloting a community-supported agriculture program, and Dining Services and Sustainable Skidmore want you to take this survey to help the local farmers of Denison Farm, Kilpatrick Family Farm, and 9 Miles East Farm plan for the next growing season and identify some logistical stuff.

Also, here’s what a CSA is for the ignorant (me):

“Traditionally, a CSA, or Community-Supported Agriculture, connects you to farmers in a community in a unique way by sharing the risk inherent in growing food between farmers and eaters. By paying in advance individuals support our local farmers and in return receive healthy, fresh, sustainable, local produce during the growing and harvest season. Using this as a model, we will create a program suitable for the Skidmore community.

“For the Skidmore CSA, you would pay a price that equates to $25-$30 per week, and you would receive a share of fresh and seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the farmers. Our Skidmore CSA share will potentially provide different share sizes to meet the needs of different living arrangements. Whether you are a student in a Northwoods Village apartment cooking for yourself or an individual feeding a family, we hope to create a program that can meet your food needs. Joining a CSA allows all members to access healthy and nutritious food and support sustainable agriculture while redirecting their food dollars to support their local economy.”

If you like bragging to people about your eating habits then you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Complete the survey if you’re interested in joining, and shoot an email over to skidmorecsa@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

(via Survey Monkey)